DC Brightness control option possible for Pimax headsets? May fix some people's eye strain

Hi, I have a 8kx (and previously a 5k) and been thinking that I get eye strain/headaches in the VR headset due to incorrect IPD adjustment. However, I recently realised that my eyes don’t get on with PWM brightness control when I got a new TV. PWM is better for motion smoothing on TV (and supposedly better colour) but this method uses screen flickering to adjust the brightness instead of the old DC control. I understand that some people can see up to 1000+Hz but the PWM frequency can range from 250Hz for newer OLED Tvs and 750Hz for LCD Televisions. FYI i have 3 pre-2017 oled tvs at home with 2 very old lcd TVs and no issues at all. I understand that up to 10% of people may have some issues with screen flicker with a small portion of that getting extreme symptoms.

As some people can notice that, causing eye strain, headaches, nausea, vertigo etc. is it possible that Pimax can implement a DC dimming option to PiTool? OnePlus (mobile phone company) have added a DC brightness option on some of their latest models to combat this problem.

From what i understand, if brightness is turned up to 100%, then there is no PWM flicker. However, when i put the Pitool brighness to 100% and filmed the Pimax with my phone camera, there was still flicker. Can I assuming the Pimax screen may be able to get brighter somehow (and then not flicker)?