DCS World VR Optimization Guide

I found a video guide about DCS World VR optimization. See if it’s useful for you…


This is legit. As I commented on YouTube, the values shown there are pretty close to what I have with few differences.

  • Texture resolution set to High does provide a significant visual quality improvement, even in the 5k+, but especially in the Pimax Vision 8kX.
    EDIT: Ambigious. Little if any difference. Terrain does seem to look a bit granier and maybe more bump mapped, but it’s a close call at best. Terrain resolution increases as plane gets close at exactly same rate regardless of setting. For now, we don’t really have the VRAM to spare anyway.
  • I have not yet tested using the NVIDIA control panel to provide MSAA, as I did not find a huge impact on my i9-9900k/RTX2080 setup.
  • I prefer Pixel Density of 1.2 instead of 1.0. That may not improve visual quality as long as the Total SR is the same, but I did not find a significant impact.

Apparently the new version of DCS doesn’t require Parrallel Projections anymore!

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Where did you see it?
Oh, I see: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/f4aiz9/dcs_256_no_longer_needs_parallel_projection/

On the DCS forum. A couple of guys were saying after the last release PP was not necessary anymore.

The thread was labeled “DCS and Pimax”

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I found this in reddit.

Great! I’ll have to try this at home and see what kind of difference in FPS it makes. Apparently they fixed the complete standalone copy so the old licences don’t throw errors, when trying to run without steam.

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