Deca Move to make trackpads tolerable?

That deca move looks really cool. I hate trackpads but the sword might be usable in combination with the deca move.

If the game moved where your hips are pointing it might make moving more a matter of simply pressing the trackpad to move.

It would function more like accelaration than a precise movement device.

Im totality interested in it, does anyone know when the DM will be available for order


Not too enthusiastic about a purely IMU device, but its definitely cheaper than something like: Tundra Tracker by Luke Beno — Kickstarter – especially if one want a pack of three, for waist and feet. :7

Im more excited about the fact that it fundamentally solves a problem with how we move in games.

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it’s the software that solves it more than their belt-clip accelerometer, they could release that software as an app and just let your phone serve the same purpose with its imu from your pocket. the best way would be with a vive tracker though, then there wouldnt be any drift.

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I believe there is already some kind of app for using your phone this way. If Deca Move is more SteamVR only then it might rely on LH tracking sensors on the hmd or controllers to counteract drift. Though WalkOVR and KatLoco already seem to have methods to counter drift.

@drowhunter only ever found trackpad more or less useless on a laptop for gaming use.


I just noticed something. So to get the game to run using the decamove you have to launch using their launcher.

But say i get this, how would i launch the games on the pimax via PE or Pitool?

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It would seem would need to launch Deca Move Launcher then select a game.

Depending on how there launcher works you might be able to use a script to launch a game from PE that can launch it via Say Steamvr\deca move\game.

But difficult to say.

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lol. a launcher to launch a launcher.

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Just depends how Deca Launcher works. As we already in part have this with launching games with Steamvr. Seems like a lot of peripherals want there own launch portals.

There’s a launcher for KatVR Loco (S) too but You don’t have to use it.

Maybe it’s the same with DecaMove?

I don’t remember if there’s also one for WalkOVR since I haven’t used it for a long time.


Oh, and as I was using my cybershoes it dawned on me that it fundamentally works the same.

except it follows where your feet are pointing

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