Delivering the Index update package to countries where Valve does not deliver

Index controllers and base stations (PLAN F) - have now begun delivery to addresses throughout the United States and will quickly be followed by Canada, European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. NOTE: We are only capable of shipping to regions where Valve can also deliver these devices. Our processing speed for shipment of Index controllers and base stations is continuing to improve dramatically.

@PimaxQuorra, @Asales, hello!

You have information there only on the “F” plan.
I have a question about the delivery of Index controllers and stations according to the “B + E” plan.

  1. When will the Index controllers and stations be delivered according to the B + E plan?
  2. In the item “European countries” is also Russia?
  3. The fact is that Valve does not sell its products to Russia, in particular Index and its accessories.
    But I have placed an order with “B + E” back in November 2019.(upgrade to 8KX + controllers and Index stations).
    Will I receive an index package?

Before ordering, I had a conversation with @Matthew.Xu, who confirmed sending Index accessories me to the Russian Federation.

Nevertheless, in our country, index sets are ordered through intermediaries in the USA without any problems.

Will you send them to me as a patron under the B + E update plan, especially if I already ordered and I was given information that I will receive them? (Despite the fact that I live in a country different from the country where Valve delivers.)

This is a very important question for me, otherwise I would have already ordered stations and controllers from Valve for a long time through an intermediary in USA.

Please answer what should I do now.

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Hello Century,

After read thru the info, and we did speak with our logistic team.

The Index controllers and stations will be delivered separately.

Nope, Russia is not including in EU countries.

Sorry to inform you that, we unable to deliver the Index Sets to you, due to the Valve’s restriction area.
We are sorry for causing you the inconvenience. We knew Matthew did promise to send the IndexSet to you, but he wasn’t acknowledge with the restriction area. You need to raise a ticket at Order Support, get the refund of Plan E from us. Our CS team will be taking care on your problem.
You may refund/switch the balance to store credit.

Hope you understand that sir. If you still got any problem, please let us know.

Have a nice day.



Yes, this is sad.

OK, I will open a refund ticket. So you change my plan from “B + E” to plan “B”, as I understand it? (returning the difference in price with plan B + E)

And I do not lose my place in the queue for 8KX, I hope?

I hope the reimbursement for Plan E will not be delayed for long.

Well, that’s okay.
I just need to order from Valve directly through an intermediary, in this case.

Thanks for the answer, appreciate!


Hello Century,

Yes. Our CS team will assist you on this request. No worries on the queue, you won’t be losing it.

Have a nice day.



But it would be better if you sent the Index controlles and stations to Russia…

In any case, thank you for your help.

Oh… Wait… Korea is restricted too but you said Koreans will get index kits.
What is the difference between Korea and Russia?


Yes, I can’t understand this, as in the case of Australia, where Valve doesn’t deliver too, but Pimax decided that they could deliver the Index Set there, but they couldn’t deliver it to Russia, although we are neighboring countries.

If they had announced this in advance, there would have been no questions.
But now I am losing money on currency conversion if I get a refund for Plan E, leaving only Plan B.
I also lose time, because Last year, I could order the index kit from Valve through an intermediary.

This puts me in a very uncomfortable position.

@PimaxQuorra, please reconsider again the question of delivery to Russia.

For me, this question was approved before the purchase.
And now, unilaterally, you change the terms of the transaction.
This does not look good to me.


Hello Century,

We do understand your situation right now. Shall we discuss with the team and come back to you ASAP? As this matter is kinda complicated, we need to figure the best solution for ya.
We hope not to break the promise we did before on you. Please kindly spare us some times, would you do that?



Oh sure. I really hope that you can resolve this issue.
In this case, I will refrain from submitting a support ticket for now.

I will wait as long as necessary and I will be very grateful for the time devoted to the solution.

I believe you can make a miracle :beer: :yum: :+1:


In November 2019 i asked if can i preorder full bundle with Valve Basestations and Controllers. Because Valve doesn’t ship it to Russia.

I got answer from PimaxUSA something like “backers first but later it will be possible”.
Indeed. Later store page was updated and 8KX +BaseStations+Controllers option appeared. Only because of this bundle i decided not to wait anymore and buy it.
So in November i preordered 8KX(Deluxe MAS) + Valve BaseStattions and Controllers. With shipping total it cost over 2000$.
Now you want say “it was mistake”?
Russia is the neighbor of China. Valve Controllers and Base Stations are produced in China…
Please discuss again with the team. I really hope for positive decision.

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So what is the actual problem with shipping to Russia ? Power supply’s? Import restrictions ?


Yes, we are in the same boat, it turns out :man_shrugging:

@PimaxQuorra, please note that the situation is not limited only to me, there are other buyers from Russia who have already made an order for 8KX with Index accessories.

In general, I do not see any obstacles to the delivery of the Index package to Russia.

I will give a couple of arguments.

  1. Index sets are freely are imported to Russia.

  2. All necessary certificates for Valve products are in the register.
    Here, for example, for controllers:

  3. In Russia, as a whole, certification for wireless products has been canceled.

  4. In Russia, certification of batteries is not required.

That is, in fact, nothing prevents the delivery of Index to Russia :airplane:


When you import Index or the accessories via a proxy (freight forwarder) does Valve honor the RMA claims?


I don’t know specifically about Valve, but other products I’ve bought with freight forwarders will honour the warranty only if I return it to the country of initial purchase (even if they have service centres in my country).


A product warranty can be obtained by returning the product to the country of purchase on behalf of an intermediary (freight forwarder).

But most likely, Valve will not give a guarantee in those places where it does not officially deliver its products.

Nevertheless, the Steam Controller is officially sold in Russia at a Valve distributor at a triple price. :japanese_goblin: (
There is some likelihood that Index will appear there officially over time.

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Seems like Pimax changed their word again.
Now what? Koreans won’t get plan E and F too?


Hello Tooohka,

Please kindly spare us some times, we are now working on this issue.
We don’t want let you down.


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I guess this might be the problem, if Pimax has to rely on Valve’s support for the controllers or the lighthouses. I wonder though, how they plan to solve it for people who are backers of the full package (which included the LHs).

Steam Controller has been discontinued and sold out by Valve month ago. They are probably just selling out the remaining stock at a hefty margin :wink:.

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If the problem is that Pimax does not know how to provide a guarantee in those regions where Valve does not give it, then I see only one way out - to send controllers and stations without a guarantee, having previously received the consent of the customers for this.
(Those in this case, Pimax customers must decide warranty issues with Index products through Valve independently, for example)

In general, I see no particular problems in such a solution if Pimax carefully checks every index packet sent to regions without Valve support.

If there is no other way, then I agree to this option, why not.
Lighthouses are unlikely to have problems at all. Only an early revision of the controllers had problems with stick drift. But here I do not mind taking some risk with a thorough check before sending, because trust Pimax :wink:

Well, actually they’ve been selling there for several years. They are the official distributor of Valve. This is a very old company, as far as I can remember :roll_eyes:

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This isn’t about Valve warranty. Pimax sold Valve products have no Valve warranty, confirmed in email to me by Director of Marketing at Valve.
I think it’s about being bound by terms of agreement with Valve that they can only sell to countries that Valve sells to.
Steam help desk will be willing to help troubleshoot problems but other than that it’s between the customer and pimax, no Valve warranty.