Delivery for 8k plus

How many have either received tracking numbers or their order on the 8k plus? They stated that 70% of the 8k plus orders would be sent by this week and I have yet to receive tracking number or headset. Last week I was told that I would receive my tracking number and never did. Now I’m getting no response after multiple attempts to figure out why I’ve yet to hear anything.


@Cmorg check your Sale Orders in Pimax shop, if they sent to you, tracking number must to be there. If not, you can ask Yao He helped me with shipping and tracking number.

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Will do and thanks for the lead. I tried posting on the support side and didn’t get a response

Would you please provide your order information in order to check the shipment for you , thanks.

Order number SO5536.

Can you confirm my order, too?
Order number: SO4923

Ticket Number: #22,264

Hello Rin_ai,

We did forward your ticket number to our CS team, they will contact you shortly,
Please kindly take note that, replies from them will only work on ticket but not via mailing.

Have a nice day.


Thanks, will respond to you late in the night.

Can you check mine also, I have not been able to get a response either. Order# S05701

I got news from a China based support guy, they are producing 30/40 8kplus a day, Monday they will ship mine (25 December order) and then they are working hard for ship them all before the Chinese new year holidays, only few hundred left to produce so we all have to look at our email now! Shipping email is coming!