Delivery tracking Index controllers and/or lighthouse base stations

Delivery tracking Index controllers and/or lighthouse base stations

As we cannot hope for Pimax to provide us with transparency on the shipments of the long overdue deliveries of the Index controllers and/or lighthouse base stations, I would like to suggest to create a bit of transparency for us backers/upgraders and the pre-order customers by having all of those on this forum who are to receive a delivery of either the Index controllers & base stations kit, or sole (1 or 2) base stations register themselves in this thread, and report/update the status of delivery to them.

Ideally we would have some kind of sticky post which contains a questionnaire the users can update when they actually have a status change.

The categories in my view would be:

  • Index controllers & base stations kit or base stations

  • backer, backer upgrade or pre-order

  • which upgrade plan, if applicable

  • status:

    • no information, nothing received
    • some kind of individual shipping announcement by Pimax (e.g. “will ship to you within 3-5 days”)
    • solely shipping information received: from Pimax - from a logistics partner
    • qualified shipping updates received from a logistics partner (which states that the packet has actually been received by the logistics partner), movements from one logistics partner hub to another or the Customs
    • confirmation of delivery

Each of the entries should be accompanied by the date of this update.

What do you guys think ? I believe if we managed to set this up we would get much more visibility on the actual performance of Pimax on these deliveries, which should be fairly simple for Pimax as they claim to have been receiving the deliverables in numbers since last autumn and should have easily completed all QA and repackaging work required, which made them believe to start delivering them late January.

Here is the spreadsheet (kudos to johannesfknudsen!)


It’s a really good idea. I would recommend to use a combination with Google forms and a read only Google sheets document. It’s fast, quick and user friendly. I would be willing to set it up.


That would be for the best. Similar to the Backer Tracker spreadsheet that we made for the 8K/5K+ headset deliveries (which was then picked up and maintained by Pimax).


What’s the status on this idea? I’ve been contacting pimax officials daily with very minimal success


@johannesfknudsen: would you be so kind to set this up ? I think it would be great, and allow us to be fair to Pimax as we would gain some more transparency on their performance. Perhaps my criticism was unfair, perhaps they are in fact shipping in much larger numbers than it appears - then we could see with such a spreadsheet. And if it reveals that they are not shipping in numbers, well, then at least we know and it should serve as basis for the discussion with Pimax on their claims of how they are performing.


I’m working on it. I’ve sent you a private message.


The spreadsheet is now open for responses.

This message goes out to everyone who has received or is waiting for the delivery of base stations or/and controllers fulfilled by Pimax. Please enter your order’s status in this spreadsheet to create transparency of the deliveries Pimax are making.
In a few days, I will add a system that calculates the average delivery duration for each destination. If you have anything that you want to be added or changed, please let me know.


Not sure if it will end up making a difference but there is non EU Europe too

It will make a difference in the overview we as a customer get of the deliveries Pimax do or do not fulfill.
You such be able to select “The USA” and “The rest of the world” from a dropdown list in the region collum.

Given I was asked to open a ticket to get 1 frackin base station which resulted in Pimax support telling me:

1 “The Pimax base station is still in the R&D stage,the delivery time not decide yet.You can get the latest information about Pimax base station in our forum:

Which shows they don’t even know they aren’t making base stations

2"We understand that our cunstomer hope to receive base station quickly.
As we have Steam base station in stock.So we are planning to delivery Steam base station instead of Pimax bundle.Now,we are confirming the logistics cost and transportation plan, which will take some time,when we have new progress, I’ll give you the latest news."

Which shows they already have the inventory but don’t realize we already paid for shipping in the Kickstarter

3 “Or you can choose to get a $85 coupon instead of controllers,which can be used to buy our accessories.”

Which shows they don’t even know the difference between a base station and a set of controllers or their value and/or how to train support staff.

4 My ticket no longer exists on the Store site.

I am inclined not to give them any more information than what they already have which is my KICKSTARTER pledge. It will only confuse them more and I have no doubt that will only exacerbate an already ridiculous situation.


They sell it from the site now, so it needs one more type.
And would be nice to have column with order date!

There should be a box for “Date order/ticket placed” to show how long it’s been outstanding for.

I think using Rest of the World for non-EU Europe is a bit misleading.

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Thanks for the input. I’ve added your suggestions.


And how long the ticket exists before disappearing.

They seemed to have assumed the “Now,we are confirming the logistics cost and transportation plan, which will take some time,when we have new progress, I’ll give you the latest news.” means they don’t need to use the ticket system they insisted i use in the first place and just closed it.

This leaves me just waiting for actual clarification to show up somewhere, by someone, at some point which is exactly where i was when they said open the frackin ticket.

i suppose the finish of their email “Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards” means they can’t wait until i open another ticket. :rofl:


which goes to show you this whole ticket system nonsense is just another shell game/delay tactic disguised as “open communication/accountability/good customer relations” :rofl:

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If I hear one more apology, followed by “have a nice day”…I’ll dry heave.


For me it’s if I hear one more “we could offer you a coupon”

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“step right up folks! not too close ya know social distancing and all”… gather around and witness the pimax extravaganza and what’s behind door #2…wait, was that door #3?

edit: exit stage left as I blow off a little steam, tip of the hat /s

why not just list as NA, SA, EU, AUS etc…I’m in Canada and “Other region” sounds like an after thought to the “center of the planet” US.