Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap (DMAS)

Do you mean to say that it will be significantly better than the KDMAS ? If so, that would be good because while the KDMAS is okay, and certainly fixes the lack of proper audio which the SMAS represents, it did not impress me on the positive side either, and to my ears e.g. the original CV1 audio was clearly better. So if the DMAS, which I indeed dished out 100$ for, improves the audio to that level or even beyond, I would be satisfied.

Btw, if I were Pimax I would also have another look at the design or material of the knob on the KD/D/SMAS, it is not great as it randomly won’t allow for proper turning and feels as if it may fall apart any day.

I understand your desire for quality control and that is encouraging, but you are several months late on delivering a product that was bought and paid for already and delivered a product that has absolutely horrific audio by contrast. Like, it is worse than $5 headphones from the local gas station. I love my headset, but this is a horrific way to run a business and you should be ashamed. For example, I have to deal with running a separate headphone set because the audio is so poor. It is clumsy, and difficult and the only way for me to fix that is to buy a new one. But now I’m spending even more money to fix a problem that you all created by selling me a product that wasn’t available and wasn’t advertised as not available.

What you should consider is how you can, in a non-monetary way, make your clients who you are dragging through your development process (that they didn’t sign up for!) feel as though they aren’t just getting the sh*t end of the stick and are waiting based on hopes and dreams that you continue to give them.

Btw - this is the exact type of business to consumer interaction that, when people ask me if they should get a Pimax, I have to tell them no, unless you are willing to deal with a very poorly logistically run company to do so. What is sad is that you easily have the best looking headset on the market and i still can’t recommend it.


I use very old light yellow earplugs that I got in the '60s with a portable radio. The sound is good but I do not like the feel. I thought that I could buy the DMAS a few weeks after I order my 8K+ around October. I hope that when they put it back for sale That it will be a finished item and in good working order.

Well I don’t know about you guys, but I knew the DMAS was in development and not complete when I bought my 8KX and ordered it. I am neither surprised nor particularly disappointed that the development cycle is taking longer than I’d hoped. I’d far rather they get it right then send me some half baked product that I’d just want to replace anyway.
I’d probably feel differently about it if they said that the DMAS would ship with the headset and neglected to tell me that it was not ready yet and still in development. But I knew that when I bought it, so I don’t think I have much room to kick here. Maybe it was different when you guys bought yours.
I look forward to getting it especially if it’s as good as @PimaxUSA says it will be. If it is I’d even wait until they send it to some reviewers to get some good press for a change.

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I’m glad I didn’t pay $100 extra for the DMAS. I’m pretty satisfied with the sound and comfort of my Vive Deluxe Audio strap. I don’t think Pimax engineers are skilled in the audio department. They probably had to hire some new audio talent. That’s why its been taking them so long.

@PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @PimaxQuorra
Ok, so it’s been some time since the last update that I have seen which was the:

Weekly Update 3rd December 2020

It was stated there that Production was to proceed in a couple of weeks.

Are there any updates that you can share with us here. I was attempting to use My 8KX last night for the first time in a couple of months to start taking advantage of it for a change instead of letting it sit collecting dust due to the trouble that I have had with getting correct focus even with prescription lenses.

The problem again was even when I was willing to compromise and continue forward with some sim racing, but the sound of the SMAS is so anemic and lacking in any kind of bass response, it was just so unenjoyable that I gave up again.

I have my Vive DAS attached to my Pimax 5k Plus, but I really don’t desire or energy to do any more mods, I just want a decent solution without jumping through hoops.

Any updates will be appreciated.

There was an update since the December 3rd update you are referencing:

Hi @PimaxUSA ,
Thanks for the update, I really need to get this solution in hand, it is very difficult to enjoy the HMD without a good sound solution.

I look forward to receiving the DMAS.

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can you tell me when the “8kx Deluxe Headphone Version” is available for order? I want to order an 8KX but with DMAS. Thx

We are preparing some info on this in the upcoming weekly update but we are indeed preparing to ship the first DMAS to customers who already ordered them. There are quite a number of existing orders so bundles where they are pre-installed will take some time.

They are amazing so worth the wait imho.


Given these are about to get shipped, can we… see them? Or do we have to wait for somebody to actually receive it and then hope someone with decent video editing skills, audiophile-grade knowledge & an unbiased ear can review them?

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I’ve just confirmed my details to pimax support about the dmas. Support was really fast and got things sorted in no time, thumbs up for the improvements!

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Regarding DMAS @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

So im a bit confused bu the new weekly update…

Am I supposed to send a support ticket stating, my order number for purchasing the DMAS along with my 8KX order.

Or am I supposed to do nothing as my order is not a DMAS Upgrade order :thinking:

I feel that if i do the latter, I will be sent to the back of the queue…

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Anyone who has a DMAS coming should create a ticket.


Thanks for answering Kevin, although it seems like this is just created due to bad logistics :upside_down_face:


@oysta1109 ,
I’m happy your experience was good, I got the following and I am hoping that this is not going to hold up my shipment as it has been a very long wait already.

@PimaxUSA , Please tell me this is not going to hold up my order, I stated in the ticket that the numbers are the same. I’m trying to stay positive but it’s not easy as it has been a while coming.

Ticket: #12641

I replaced the actual numbers with letter x for illustration below, but you get the picture:

Thanks for contacting us.

Your phone number in our system is : 5xx297xx72
But number you sent is: 1-5xx-297-xx72

Which one is correct?

Waiting for your reply.

With all of the name and upgrade changes I can’t tell if the “Deluxe Audio Headstrap” that I ordered qualifies me for the “Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap”.
My order states “Backer Upgrade Plan C(Vision 8K X (Deluxe Audio Headstrap)” does that mean that I’m getting the “Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap” and that I should file a ticket or not?
I’m pretty sure that I paid extra for it but, at this point, I doubt that means anything. Do I need to post my order number or pm it to you?

There are currently three audio options:

  1. SMAS - Standard Modular Audio strap.(Shipped with Pimax Vision series headsets like 5K Super/8K+/8K-X).

  2. KDMAS - exclusive to Kickstarter backers.(Shipped as part of the ‘Backer Box’).

  3. DMAS aka DAS Deluxe Audio Strap.(Shipping imminently to those who paid for the upgrade once customers send a support ticket request. Details are in a Pimax email: Kickstarter project update #102).

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t answer my question. I ordered the “Deluxe Audio Headstrap”. Should I be sending a support ticket or am I stuck with this one?
I’ve got the one that has the speakers in the air above my ears.

Just curious, what are the plans for people who have purchased, either through you or a retailer, an existing headset without the DMAS option. Are you planning on selling the DMAS separately at some point or do I need to open a ticket? I bought an 8kx that I really enjoy but the sound on it is simply sad…definitely not what you expect on a $1300 headset. I don’t mind paying for the DMAS, obviously, but I would like to know what my options are in this case. Thanks.

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