Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap (DMAS)

We’ll look into it


That must be the “slight delay” mentioned in the revised Update Post for 1/21. Not sure I’d characterize a 3 month delay at this point as slight when they were apparently supposed to be shipping this week but hopefully they will be worth the wait. Curious to hear reviews on it to see if they will be worth abandoning my DAS modification for.

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I think they either told you wrong or they misinterpreted your request.

There are a lot of pre-orders for it and perhaps a “new” order might take that long but if there is a new delay it hasn’t been mentioned in any of our internal meetings.

I’ll investigate further tonight.


@PimaxUSA As a Preorder Guy back in November 2019 for the DMAS Lol , do i need to create a ticket ?

100% of people who have dmas orders must create the ticket.


Is it ok that none reply to the ticket?

I wrote following ticket:

Like was said in Weekly Update 21st January 2021 and Deluxe Modular Audio Headstrap (DMAS) i creating this ticket.
I’m waiting for my DMAS.

Consumer Name: Name
Shipping address: Country, Region, City, Street, House
Phone number: Phone

Is it enough?

What did that night bring to revelation? We missed last weeks weekly… Anything to happen before CNY break?

ive been waiting since the beginning of July 2019 here…and yes i would mostdefinitely create a ticket. they cant manage to remember who needs what for 6 months even when theyve already been paid in advance, so i would do ALL that you can to make sure this company REMEMBERS that you still want what you paid for 2 years ago as well as what that item is…cus they dont keep track of that very well either :confused:
while we’re on the subject of spaced out delivery, has anyone got any useful concrete info as to how the warranty on all the things we’ve bought from pimax works? I bought 8kx bundle with DMAS, 2 base stations, and knuckles controllers. i cant figure out how to check warranty info on anything and also wondering when exactly the warranty would start considering all the space in between each items arrival?


I was going to ask the question and saw that @Klaus asked the exact question that I have.

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be observed on February 12th. and lasts for 16 days, starting from Chinese New Year’s eve.

How will this affect the shipment of the DMAS?

Are there going to be shipments prior to this holiday or will we be facing further delays due to the CNY or any other delays based on the statement that @Plews received from Support?

All information and updates help to manage expectations.



Did this happen? I’ve not heard of anyone getting tracking…

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I found out today that there was an issue with the first batch that required the engineers to investigate. I was able to confirm the logistics team did not send any DMAS out last week. They were packaged and ready to go but were stopped before shipment. I don’t have a report on if the issue was solved or not just yet - don’t know either way.


Ok - really appreciate the update! Glad they were caught before it was too late.

Any time frame when the rest of us can pre-order or order or DMAS’s?

Hi, Kevin. I’m not sure what to do here…

I pre-ordered the 8KX + DMAS as one order Nov 1st 2019.
I declined Pimax offer to first send the hmd and wait for the strap. I wanted one package.

I see something here about creating a ticket… What’s up with that? Is that just for peeps that took the hmd first or me too?

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Hi StaffanStuff,

These tickets revolve around those who will receive an upgrade to DMAS from SMAS.

That said you might create a ticket to remind the team you have an existing 8KX with DMAS order so they make sure your combo is properly processed after CNY.


@PimaxUSA, @PimaxQuorra Can you arrange that Pimax at least sheds some light in the situation as per weekly update enough we haven’t seen now for 2 weeks before signing off fora couple of weeks more due to CNY, please?
In all honesty: Would you consider it a satisfying customer experience you would like to see yourself in and a sustainable business model being cashed in and left in the doubt for one and a half years since accepting funds on “regular” preorders?


@PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @PimaxQuorra
This is the News that I was hoping we Would Not Get, I have to say that this is extremely discouraging. So much so that I am currently pulling my Vive DAS off of my Pimax 5K Plus so that I can install it on my 8KX.

I was really looking forward to getting my DMAS since we have been waiting so long for this and the sound of the SMAS is so anemic.

I was pretty quiet on this for a long time trying to be patient and actually start to use my 8KX when I had decent sound. Now that it is pretty clear that nothing is going to happen before the CNY and who knows how long after that, I have no choice but to do what I was attempting to avoid and that is rig up something to get sound with some substance.

Luckily for me, I already have the 3D Printed parts that I was using with the 5K Plus, Again this really does suck…Oh Well, I guess I should have expected this.


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Pimax being Pimax. I feel bad for all you guys constantly get the run around. The only thing you can count on is that you can’t count on Pimax to deliver or believe in their words or products.


Pimax has delivered everything I ordered and handled a warrant replacement on my base stations. I realize that hasn’t been everybody’s experience, but I also notice that the most toxic posts seems to come from a very few people who take every opportunity to reiterate their dissatisfaction… I think it’s becoming less about the current reality and more about spreading hate and the big get even. Which is kind of understandable, but getting old.
If they delayed shipping the DMAS kits out because there was a problem, I’m OK with that. I’d rather get mine when all the bugs are worked out and Pimax is satisfied with it. The last thing I want, and the last thing Pimax needs, is an inferior product gathering more ill will. Get it right get it in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and hopefully some reviewers who will evaluate it honestly.