Did anyone receive their code for the 2 of the 3 software as backer?

did anyone receive their code for the 2 of the 3 software as backer?

I don’t see anything in my inbox


I did not. As far as i know no one has yet.

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got nothing either

When they come back on monday i guess it will start to send out.

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They said a day or 2 from announcement, so that means a month or 2 for pimax


Lol so true… All these even little promises… Said and forgot…

Very sad…

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No codes here either but with risk of sounding ungrateful i would not want to clutter my steam games list or waste the hard drive space with what is offered & i think many would feel the same.
Pimax should probably save the $3 on that one & just send them out to anyone who asks


Are they not off for national holiday this week?

Today’s is the last day of holidays

Talking about codes. Did anyone receive the 100$ voucher code for choosing the 5K+and having pledged for the 8K?

nope, haven’t heard of anybody who has. But I strongly believe that Pimax knows who changed from 8K to 5K+ (myself included)

Not that I really care about the codes but nope. I think we’ll either see them this week or next week or next month.


I actually have a copy of all the steam keys. Thing is all 5,260 of them must be emailed and we do have a person working on that and they picked back up working on it when they returned from the holidays. But they have to cross reference every KS person with the list.


Sounds like a lot of work… :open_mouth:


If you do this manually for sure… A simple java or unix program with mailer function can do wonders…


Or shell script even… :wink:


Shouldn’t you have some 3 x 5,260 steam keys? :wink:


They have not announced #3 (top secret) what or when. Hopefully not released yet! With a cherry on top. Ha ha :thinking::wink::shushing_face:

Some have recived the first key?

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1,5 months later… still received nothing :frowning:

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