Did somebody else also tried Myst vr on the 8kx and had some performance issues?

Did somebody else also tried Myst vr on the 8kx and had some performance issues?
somehow it doesnt run well on my 8kx with smooth locomotion.

Maybe there is something wrong with my pc,by the way it doesnt need parallel projection!

Nobody playing it?..

Not having any problems wth Myst on 8kx.

@mozz Strange,what are your settings? and u use free locomotion?

im having a problem where the tracking is very floaty from the first logo and throughout, troubleshooting now

@sethw you also see ghosting on your hands when you move them?

i had to play the game in windowed mode and all gpu monitoring software like fpsvr disabled , now its just a poor frame rate when sprinting around with smooth loco

Does VR mode also support AMDs FSR? You enabled it?

Just jumped in and out and of the game a few times just now, after Psychonauts 2’s telekinetic grab-fist finally let go of me… :7

It does seem to have severe performance problems, and certain graphical quirks, just like Obduction before it (most of which they share with other UE4 games).

Yet another time with a UE4 game, the first order of the day is to zero the “so-called” antialiasing setting, to get rid of the cataracts it likes to put in one’s eyes, and apply as much supersampling as possible, to get at least a little bit of detail – for me, at least; Your sensibilities may vary…

So at their core, many assets seem to be the original 1993 project files, made for the rendering out of at most 640x480 pixel frames, with some tweaking, staying pretty true to the original in most ways - right on link-in, you are faced counting the polygons on a bit of rigging… :9
One would think that with both geometry and base texturing being that lowres, and shaders looking rather unremarkable, there shouldn’t be much to tax one’s computer, but most things do e.g. have one or several layers of detail texture (…that is only visible on close inspection, or with tons of supersampling and a minimal amount of the “antialiasing” blur that totally wipes it out), which unfortunately more often than not tend to look like more like a textured layer of veneer varnish coating the underlying flat diffuse texture, than anything else… (I am also not sure the interaction between envmaps and normalmaps works entirely as it should in stereo.)

The tesselation on the ground makes it boil as one locomote, in some places… Now there’s something I haven’t seen before, outside the new planet “tech” in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey… I have tried a few values on a conspicuously named parameter in GameUserSettings.ini, but that does not seem to do much of anything… Unlike in Elite, I do not notice said tesselation actually being put to use taking form of any added geometric detail.

Another thing the game shares with ED Odyssey, is the prevalence of ugly mixing of alphas on meshes (decals, water edges, LODs, shadowmaps, blending between objects using z-buffer trickery) and texture layering, by means of dithering.

From the way this anachronism has been resurrected by so many engines the past handful years, I think it may possibly be something of a deferred-rendering-ism; Simplest/computationally cheapest way of doing it, after regular value blending having become a no-go for some technical reason, possibly not unrelated to the limitation that removes MSAA from the toolbox… Obduction had it too, as do many other UE4 games (including Psychonauts 2). In ED Odyssey, scatter objects very conspicuously fade into existence a little bit ahead of you, by “plotting in” some discrete pixels per frame until the object is fully there, and so do some texture layers, where there are transitions between which is on top. -In Myst’21 (and Obduction, too), many LODs transition in such a manner when your are just a pace away from them, which is rather jarring.

(EDIT: I could imagine this dithering being a bit taxing on the motion vector estimating algorithms that underlie motion smoothing solutions)

The foliage is possibly more problematic than it was in Obduction, which already needed max supersampling – twigs of conifer needles fuse into something looking more like long dediduous leaves just a metre away, and another step distant, whole branches turn into something resembling trees mottled in chinese watercolour paintings. :7

Still… It’s Myst! …and I’m there… Even if Atrus and sons have been transformed into plastic doll versions of themselves, and the burnt books in the library look more like plaster castings of old books than… well… books… :7


Aaah, can’t resist following up on my own post, just to have an exhuberant cheer at Cyan’s recent adding the original live action video, as an option for the book panels (albeit not for the actual 3D parts, for obvious reasons)! :slight_smile:

(Kind of wish they would remove the faux-3D effect on the panels though – it just looks like exactly what it is: The still-just-as-flat quad with the video on being placed at the back of the book, and viewed through a vignetted hole, instead of being flush with the front page. :7 )

On another note: If was fun to notice all the cute (sometimes amusingly contrived) little changes they had made, in order to make it so that VR players never have to reach down for anything. :smiley: