Different Pitool Versions Change FOV Shape?

I have an XR and finally updated from the .180 beta to the .253 version of Pitools.

Everything is fine except … when set to “Large,” the top edge of the FOV is very visible where as on the .180 if adjusted correctly, I couldn’t really see it. Now I can see it no matter how much I adjust the headset.

Does Pimax mess with FOV size and shape in Pitool updates? When I updated to .253 I was surprised to see the update flash the firmware on my HMD (thought that was manual?). Since the firmware has been updated, does that mean I can’t go back to the 180 beta? I would like to verify that the size/shape of the “Large” FOV setting has in fact changed between the different Pitool versions …

The large is somewhat stretched so likely why you see the top in that setting.

Pitool 180 is different firmware so you would have to do a clean install of Pimax software and manually flash back to earlier firmware that comes with it.

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253 has a firmware for headsets 255. 254 Alpha has an optional link to download a special firmware for 5k+ serial 202 only and requires manual flashing

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Thanks for responding!

I don’t think that’s the issue. I switched between “normal” and “large” on Pitool .253 and there is no difference between them in terms of vertical FOV. They appear exactly the same vertically, but “large” is obviously wider horizontally.

How do I go about manually re-flashing? Does that option come with Pitools .180 or is it a separate piece of software?

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Sweviver describes it here 11:55 min


I noticed this too. Upon recently flashing the headset and updating Pitool on Large FOV there is black bits of screen that were never there before. Sort of Rhombus shape.