Dirt Rally 2.0 VR Fog & Exposure Fix

Hi All,

For those of you that use DR2.0, this is a great little tweak that allows you to configure the level of visible fog during what should be clear weather on stages such as Finland, Scotland, Wales and Poland.

It also allows you to tweak exposure levels, saturation and behaviour to stop the annoying auto exposure that I have always very much disliked in DR2. The result is more natural lighting and graphics, closer to DR1. Note I reduce the “saturation” setting in the config at night down to 0.9 as the default I find to oversaturate a little, I also disable Bloom in game as I just don’t like it anyway. Ive tested this on a 5k+ myself.

One thing to note - I turn off the optional vegetation alpha tweak which is on by default in the config as it causes weird annoying LOD behaviour for the trees so if you notice this just set the vegetation alpha setting to “0” and it will use default dithering and tree LOD.


awesome , will come back to this when I am in into racing vr games :slight_smile:


confirmed i use this too, even works on multiplayer and in combination with the reshade


Looks great man. Thanks muchly.

Nice find. Thank you