Discussion of the weekly update 14th October 2020 (Give us our 8KXs and DMAS already!)

Discussion of the weekly update 14th October 2020

8KX Shipment Advisory

We are continuing to quickly process 8KX orders that were considered exceptions. In fact, even when including orders that came in *after August 1st 2020 we are down to only 296 outstanding 8KX shipments.

If you are an original 8KX Backer that hasn’t confirmed your shipping address OR haven’t returned your loaner unit, please contact our helpdesk as soon as possible so can quickly process your shipment. If you have not returned your loaner (an did not select the option to purchase your loaner) your loaner must be returned before we can process your 8KX.

Hi @PimaxQuorra, is there any news on the delivery of 8KX to Russia? We are all looking forward to our 8KXs. People are already desperate, to be honest.

You and I agreed that in a couple of days the details of delivery to Russia will be known, but you publish an update without these details.

It’s been over a month since we discovered a delivery problem.
What do you say to that, where is at least some progress other than endless promises of speedy delivery?

Please do yourself a favor and take the trouble to explain what’s going on with our 8KX, why haven’t they been shipped yet?

If everything is delayed there with direct delivery to Russia, then send my 8KX to my USA address, please.
I am ready to take on the additional costs of delivery to the Russian Federation from the USA and I do not require a refund for delivery. Let Pimax be ashamed for not fulfilling its obligations in full, and I want to get my 8KX as soon as possible.

I expect news from you, but you write the same thing every time, and there is no progress :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
To be honest, this has already gone beyond any boundaries of reason :imp:

@PimaxVR, @PimaxUsa, @PimaxQuorra,@Miracle, @Asales


no Dmas news. Shocker


Yea where is the DMAS?? this thing takes for ever!


for real… they posted this over 2 weeks ago - " DMAS Production

The DMAS entered limited production and will begin shipment a bit after the KDMAS. We will advise further about this after we return from the break and that update will include photos and more information."


Looks like “receive 8KX DMAS with full Valve bundle” is mission impossible in Russia…
It’s a shame that neighbor China can’t go to post office and just send already finished package…


Please mark the box as backer free upgrades, or something like this, I do NOT want to get an import TAX on a free item.


Here are my orders:
8KX + DMAS - November 08, 2019 was ordered to Russia - status not completed.
Eye Tracking Module - July 13,2020 was ordered to Russia - status not completed.
What is the progress for today?


Can you comment on the progress on solution of the problem?

@PimaxQuorra 2 days ago promised to submit progress in 2 days but now he doesn’t even respond.
He didn’t even say anything about it in the current update, which looks very bad in my opinion.

I wonder who specifically deals with our question on Russia? Can you contact these people and explain to them that it was enough to go to the post office and send parcels? It’s so simple :point_up:

November will be exactly one year since I paid for Plan B for 8KX, while recent pre-orders successfully received theirs without waiting even more than two months.
It’s outrageous that no one has been shipping ours 8KX to this day, which should have long been in our hands.
It was necessary to send 8KX to us, backers, by any means as soon as possible, and then look for a solution for the whole of Russia. I don’t understand why Pimax continues to test our patience. It’s as if some kind of mockery already :expressionless:

Why is this happening, what is the problem with sending, why no one explains ?
Millions of parcels pass between China and Russia every day. Why can’t Pimax send several pieces, as they do on Aliexpress, for example? By the way, the delivery from there is pretty fast now …
And yet, in 2019, I received my 8K in Russia via EMS without any problems. Why not do the same thing now, I just don’t understand.

Hope you can clear things up :beers:

@PimaxVR, @PimaxUsa, @PimaxQuorra

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Why there is silence again from the pimax team about the DMAS?
We need answers @PimaxQuorra @PimaxQuorra