Display Port Extension for Pimax 8k X

I have a display port extension (15m / 50FT) and a adapter (female/female). It works perfectly with valve index, but not with a pimax 8k X. I think the problem is the adapter. I tried two adapters (one passive and one active), see below for details.
Could anyone suggest an adapter for me (preferably: passive), pls?


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I ended up using the Lindy active repeater:

I can’t guarantee it’ll work but it seems like the Lindy repeater has been the most successful one when used with the 8KX… :slight_smile:


Already ordered. I will try

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Hi dhub,

Have your problem:Display Port Extension for Pimax 8KX been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


Confirm. I’ve also been using the Lindy for a few months. No problems so far. :+1:

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Holy smokes, 75 euros for a repeater?

I use this repeater, too. But with a 8k plus and he works fine. And yes he’s expensive but he works :slight_smile:

But you can use now cheaper cables :joy:

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Hey DrWilken :slight_smile: Want to ask you smth.
Quote from previous thread:

Passive DisplayPort Cables (male/male)

I only tested a few passive cables with the Lindy 38415 Repeater and 5 meter passive cables didn’t work but if 3m is enough for You I would think any good quality DisplayPort cable at 3m length would work as long as it’s coupled with the repeater.

The following cable has been verified working:


Cable Matters 8K DP Kabel mit 8K 60Hz Videoauflösung: Amazon.de: Computer &…

Cable Matters 8K DP Kabel (Displayport Kabel 1.4) mit 8K 60Hz Videoauflösung und Unterstützung von HDR - 3m - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen!

16,99 €

Do you mean “3m” or “3m DP (geflochtene)”?
And if I want 1,8m - will it work too with Lindy? Then what cable I should choose “1,8m DP” or “1,8m DP (geflochtene)”?

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Hey TForm4, This is the cable I use with the Lindy repeater. https://www.amazon.com/KabelDirekt-DisplayPort-Supports-Lockable-Connector/dp/B07HL7RSRW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=KabelDirekt+–+8K+DisplayPort+Cable+Version+1.4+(VESA+Certified%2C+Supports+8K+60Hz%2C+4K+120Hz%2C+HBR3%2C+DSC%2C+HDR10%2C+DP8K)+–+10+feet&qid=1613115834&s=electronics&sr=1-1

I use the 10 foot cable aka 3 meter length and it works great.


I need 2 meters (6 feet) that’s why I asked )) So 6 feet from your link should work too I think…


I’m pretty sure the only difference is the looks and feel (there’s a “sock” on one of them)… :slightly_smiling_face:

If 3m works (which it does) I would think a 2m of same manufacturer + model would work too (unless they skimped on the quality of that one)… :+1::wink:


Lindy repeater became USD 90.55 instead of 101,98 € on those link. Seriously cheaper. Is it still the same, didn’t they replace it with something other?

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Most likely the same.

Visually do things look more less the same as running direct cable input vs repeater and extension?

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Yes. No difference to me.

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Anybody seen this Lindy repeater on amazon.com? I didn’t find :frowning: Or similar that works 100% with 8KX?