DMAS audio review

It adds to the immersion, of course - I am not going to dispute that. My point is that at this stage I don‘t like the proposed trade-off: increase the FoV to the max at the cost of higher resolution per degree. If we had i) the displays (16K) to give us retina resolution over >200 degrees and ii) the GPUs to power that, I would be a happy bunny.

But we don‘t have neither of the two. Not even close. And at this stage I prefer focusing the resources (resolution, GPU capacity) where I get the most out of them. Which for me is the center 150 degrees. I hardly notice it when I switch to large on my 8KX so I usually don‘t make use of those 20 extra degrees. And honestly, on 70% of the games I don‘t really miss the Pimax FoV so much when using the G2.
In terms of picture quality, the 12K will offer approx. 28 PPD while the Aero e.g. already offers 35. But that is only half of the story: the Aero needs 7.8 mln. pixels to be rendered while the 12K needs 15.3 mln., almost twice as many pixels. So expect to drastically reduce many ingame settings for this kind of usage.

Bottomline for me is that the additional 50 degrees over the 8KX the 12K would be providing cannot get me excited. Not as long as my GPU to drive the beast will only be a 4090, 5090 or 6090.

You could say the 12K will be ahead of its time. Problem is, by the time the GPUs have caught up, I expect vastly superior headsets to be available.



Sorry for the inconvenience sir.
Please allows me to check your ticket with our support.

I think they should offer some alternative options rather than DMAS refund.



This shouldn’t be the standard for support.

I will report this to the higher table as the response and action should be improved.

It might be relate to the slow respond time and back & forth troubleshooting session.


I long ago gave up on any audio solutions from Pimax on the 8K X. SMAS is absolutely awful. There’s nothing that can fix that. DMAS is actually decent, except the audio whine is too much of an issue for me and it severely hampers my immersion. I tried VR Ears on my Pimax before, but for some reason the coiled cable that came with the VR Ears just doesn’t work. Either only one side of the audio works or there is some severe buzzing sound. I finally got fed up with using wireless earbuds and tried the VR Ears again, but this time with the non coiled cable and somehow that works. If I wiggle the end of the cable plugged into the Pimax audio cuts out, but if I leave it alone it sounds fine. I had to remove the cable rail on the left side to mount the VR Ears. There are just three screws holding it on so it’s not hard to remove.

And that’s without even mentioning that the microphone on the 8K X is also absolutely atrocious without major tweaking in software. It’s a real shame that I can really only recommend a Pimax to people with the stipulation that they WILL have to find their own solutions for the garbage built in speakers/microphone.

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I received my DMAS in November but didn’t have time to install those then. In March I arrived back home and immediately noticed the annoying whine. Otherwise I think the DMAS is fine. As many have said it would be better if it was possible to have the drivers closer to ears. I made a ticket complaining about the whine. I received first answer from support. They suggested me to try KDMAS and they would have been willing to send one set of KDMAS to me immediately. I rejected that offer since I would prefer to have a working DMAS solution.

Like many others I am at a point where I am becoming more interested in other headset with less problems like this.


Thanks PimaxQuorra. As many have already mentioned here, I think the only solution is to replace the 8KX.

Again after a long wait, this is the answer from support:

“As you know, your 8kx is out of the warrany of one year, so we are afraid that we cannot give you a service in warranty. And according to the testing of our tech group, there is no problem with your 8kx since you can use your kdmas earphones successfully with it. But for the dams earphones, which is in warranty, we can give you a refind if you like. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. We are always here to help you.”

The after-sale support is a BIG joke! I bought the 8KX as a DMAS version, that’s what it says on the invoice. For me this is one piece. I didn’t get the DMAS until October 2021 and only then I was able to test the 8KX with the DMAS. It looks to me that the 8KX was already delivered defective. And at least in connection with the DMAS, the guarantee should only start with the delivery of the DMAS. I think a lot of people here will agree with me on that.
I’m pretty upset and desperate right now. Even if you’re an early supporter, you’re treated like that here. You pay a lot of money, wait a long time for the promised goods and when it finally arrives and something is wrong with the goods, you are literally left alone.

That is bad way of solving things from Pimax side. Unacceptable. I am at same boat, apparently I wait untill they “reopen” Marseilles repair site (for EU). I keep my mouth shut untill I get direct answer about my DMAS+8kx issue.

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Agreed, you purchased the DMAS version of the 8KX, it has to work or else it cannot live up to the product description and thus must be replaced.


I think Pimax is caught between a rock and a hard place here. There’s an issue with early production 8KX’s, and this wasn’t revealed until much later when the DMAS shipped.

I don’t see how Pimax could possibly remedy this issue by RMA’ing every affected 8KX. Whether or not they should, it surely isn’t a practical solution. Having to replace entire production runs is a nightmare scenario for companies that can put them out of business.

I think Pimax initially started replacing 8KX’s that had this problem, came to the realization that all early production units have the same issue, and realized they couldn’t continue replacing them all.

I don’t see any way out for them except to say they’re sorry and offer money back for the DMAS. There simply isn’t any other option available to them.

The KDMAS is arguably better anyway. I have both the DMAS and the KDMAS myself. My 8KX (which is newer production) is able to run either one with no problems. After a lot of testing, I put the DMAS back in its box.

So to me, it’s a little odd to see people so upset over not being able to downgrade their audio from what they already have. I think if they actually got their wish, most of them would go back to the KDMAS after a little while anyway.

Seriously. You guys are not actually missing out. The DMAS isn’t that great.

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@Sargon I do understand the issue here, and I understand that giving a new 8kx to all is hard for Pimax.
But I bought DMAS version, and I payed fat money for it. If I knew that, I would buy basic sound at zero additional cost. Full refund for DMAS without questioning is bare minimum what I expect. Additional Voucher for Pimax store would be better, and from my point of view it would be fair.

Avoiding problem from Pimax side just make me sad and mad.

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I do think the same way as WKrs that the unit was bought as a whole (8KX + DMAS). I am in the same boat. However, after testing the DMAS for a while I have found out that I prefer to use my DT990 pro headphones ,which fit quite nicely under the MAS, instead of the DMAS. Vey much better audio quality and it feels a bit more like having a helmet on as I mostly play racing or flight sims with 8KX. I’ll try to get the switch to KDMAS just to have some integrated headphones to go along when I’ll eventually try to sell the 8KX. Not quite what I ordered but I think it’ll be the easiest way to get rid of this problem and be happy with it.

They offered me to test the new firmware which should have cured the problem. Indeed the whine was gone with it but then again the new firmware produced more problems to the sound that made it unusable. Mostly the abrupt volume changes.

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It’s the principle of things and how you are treated when something isn’t right. This could happen again with the 12k and would you be happy about it after spending 2000+ usd ? No one cares when nothing is broke.


I have now received the KDMAS as a fix to the high pitched whine problem. The bad news is that it didn’t fix the whine. The sound is still there with the KDMAS but now it is slightly lower in pitch and a bit louder. I tried it with and without the y-splitter cable. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

Of course the support is notified of this situation so we’ll see what they are offering next.

@sydost that happened to me after switching from dmas to other headphones; I could still hear wine in backgroung, even after many restarts. Cca 1 week later it just stopped.

Somebody wrote you have to disconnect pimax cables when switching audio, but I didn’t try that.

OK so it’s only been 9 months but I have finally received a replacement 8KX and a few weeks later replacement DMAS, the high pitched whine is gone, and everything is as expected. Getting to this point with support was… far from frictionless, but got there in the end.

I’m using the DMAS with the KDMAS earcups using 3d printed extenders and the following settings to get the sound I like most:

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What sound settings please ? I see a graph with numbered circles but do not understand what that is representing.

Also my 8kxDMAS came already with KDMAS ear cups included and they fit the DMAS speakers without need of extenders.

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Lol, I got unclear message that EU repair site Marseilles is not in game any more, it is only Sweden after sales. Is there a “maintenance service” or not, I will see in a few days.

It’s almost the same experience for me… I told them firmly that a real solution are to replace the HMD. but as it works for me with the KDMAS they regard the ticket as solved…

I just gave up…

at least except for the wining in the DMAS I find the sound quality better in the KDMAS compared with the DMAS… but still my 8KX do not work as intended… and I still had to pay extra TAX to receive the DMAS to start with as it was not send from EU office for some reason…

but now I do not know as the 12K are on the horizon… but then again I’m considering to trade in my 5K+ instead and keep the 8KX as a backup if possible… so in that case it would be nice to have the new revision of the 8KX without the whining problem.

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I did find a solution for not only the defective 8kX units with the buzz defect that also works on the original headsets. A small amp that can be wired to a usb connector for power that can power speakers at iirc 2ohm 4ohm and 8ohm. Connected to the left output on the headset. If you use a counterweight a usb power bank can be used to power instead og headset usb. It outputs 3w+3w.

However pimax should not have closed the ticket without replacing the defective headset imho. @PimaxQuorra