Dmas shipping date?

Anybody know when we’ll see the Dmas replacements start shipping?
My 8kx is arriving on OCT. 20, and from what I gather here, it will likely arrive with the mas.
I’m a bit of an audiophile, and if the delay is going to be long enough, I’ll buy a really good small headset- maybe the bose ear buds as I could use them for voice work as well.



We gonna release some progress update on DMAS shortly, we are now preparing the draft.
Should be publish on Tuesday / Wednesday.

Received from a pm from pimax earlier today :0)


Can the DMAS speakers be attached to the Vive DAS?

if you build adapter, why not?!

I was just wondering and about to ask what the status is on the DMAS. Last I saw they had sent for 1000 to be made a few weeks ago. Our headsets need it bad as the SMAS just ain’t doing it any justice.


indeed,where are they?.. we realy need them… I hope they fit well because of the different angles of the hinges

I don’t think connecting them to the Vive DAS would be possible. I think the electrical design of the DMAS would outright prevent it.


@PimaxUSA can we get an update on this?

We are working on the latest update and it does talk about KDMAS, DMAS and Stretch Goal Boxes among other things.


Great, thank you sir.

Does this include mini DP cable? @PimaxUSA

we finaly want it to be send to us

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Hey, @PimaxUSA, what happened with that DMAS update?

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Updated it Oct. 1st here: Weekly Update 1st October 2020


So how is our DMAS going? We are still waiting @PimaxQuorra

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And any news yet pimax?? @PimaxQuorra

It says there in the weekly update above your posts.


The DMAS update will be include in this week update.
Please stay tuned.



Please mark the backer box as free stretch goals, we do not what to pay import tax on free items.

I don’t know the reason, but the import fees could be high, see here

Pimax should explain why the import taxes in some countries could be high… let us know the value that will be declared.

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