DMAS Testing Request - Pimax LIVE

@PimaxUSA @SweViver
I would like to participate in the DMAS Testing Program.

I have extensive experience with High Quality Audio.

I have been an Audiophile for many years and have a exceptional sense of what quality sound reproduction is, which I believe qualifies me for testing of speakers and electronic audio equipment.

My personal daily drivers for listening to music via Headphones are as follows:

Meze Empyrean
HiFiMan Ananda

Custom In Ear Monitors:
Jerry Harvey Roxanne
Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro

Hi-Rez Portable Audio Devices (DAC)
FiiO X7 Mark Ⅱ
FiiO M15

I did Pre-order my 8KX with the DMAS, if you need my order number, please let me know.

Intel 6600K/Nvidia RTX3090 founders Edition /32gb Ram, 1tb SSD x 2


If you need help I can test, competed in car audio and so, play In death and other games with good sound.
Am a Kickstarter with 8k-x and DMAS.

Have a new computer waiting for GPU 6900XT or 3080ti, own eye-tracking and optic cable.

I would also like to Beta Test the DMAS
9900KS/3090/32gb@4000/m.2 - mainly flight sims and racing sims
With a motion rig

I’m the first order before pre-orders went live on the DMAS.

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I also offer my ears, face and bug-writing skills… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a Head-Fi geek (20+ IEMs, 10+ headphones, different DACs and headphone amps, even a few tube amps)… :nerd_face:

5K+, hand and eye-tracking pre-order customer and 8KX(DMAS) customer… :wink:

I also participated in the closed beta testing phase of PE.

Based in Denmark, Europe.


As per the DMAS discussion on the Pimax LIVE event, I hereby volunteer as a DMAS tester (backer, 8KX owner, with DMAS specified with original 8KX order).

I have the dmas on order, backer #280 and I am an audiophile. I would like to test the Dmas.

I could test two things:
a) subjective latency. Could play some synthesizers over the headphones. For percussive (e.g. piano-like) sounds any latencies > 10 ms become quite apparent. Should also be important for VR. (Don’t have the equipment needed for quantitive latency measurement)
b) subjective direction based stereo impression. I can mainly hear on one ear only. Thus I mainly get location information from the change of frequency spectrum when a sound source is behind and thus filtered by the ear cup or from the front without “ear cup filtering” in between. This is a difficult task for a headphone, particularly a small one (thus filtering simulation needs to be in the audio pipeline).

DMAS testing… Uhhhhh… Whatever, send it to all these guys and make it quick. I’m sick and tired of this shi1.
But, yeah, of course it will be a good thing in the end but it’s so frustrating that Pimax can’t do things properly by themselves. “Does it sound really good? Yes/No? Then we’re done/not done.”

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I would also like to volunteer as a DMAS tester. I have 20 years experience as a broadcaster and studio engineer along with many many years of experience as a voice actor. I produce audio projects, primarily boys, in my own home studio and quality audio has always been a priority in my work, and I doubt that very many people have more in headphones than do I.

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I would like to volunteer as a tester for the 8KX DMAS. Kickstarter backer who ordered the DMAS. Consider myself a bit of an audiophile.

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So do I, I have not only DMAS drivers from my 8kX upgrade, but also a whole KDMAS (strap and drivers) pending which were ordered and paid for incl. shipping back in Nov. '19 with SO7370. So, some shipment overdue anyways.
Other than that, I’m trained audio engineer SAE with a vast selection of high profile headphones to set it up against and operating as developer, enginees and product manager for professional film equipment.


Hugely keen to be a DMAS tester, I am an original KS backer, 8KX upgrader, and have paid for the DMAS. My credentials include:

  • UCL Physics masters including waves & acoustics
  • A career in high end audio installations (Including consulting for some known celebrities)
  • A wide range of equipment to compare with:
    - multiple other vr headset comparisons to hand (vive DAS, both pimax KDMAS & MAS)
    - top end Corsair & Astro A50 gaming headsets
    - top end closed back wireless headphones (B&O, Sennheiser)
    - top end open back wired headphones (Grado)
    - top end speakers (B&O, Kef, Denon)
    - multi talented musician (most instruments)

…and most importantly, a huge passion for audio whether in gaming, cinema & music. Thanks @SweViver & @PimaxUSA for the opportunity to test.

I am able and willing to test the Dmas. If you want an order number let me know.

Please include me as a DMAS tester! It will take me all of about five minutes to fully characterize the audio quality!

Also, to each their own, but my preference is for flat frequency response and slightly off-ear headphones. While I will be looking out for the interests of others, I am most interested in comfort and high-frequency fidelity .


i think for vr immersion totaly flat response is not the way too go…

I think a very slight boost in low freq will add to the immersion with explosions etc… and some slight tilt in some other frequenties to hear your enemy footsteps etc…

But this all need to be very minimal…

I have a DMAS ordered but i sold my 8kx… But i am willing to buy a 8kx again if i can do the testing… I work in a studio so i have some good ears… @SweViver


Absolutely agree. For VR you want a little boost.


@john2910 @Razorub

I absolutely agree with this also, I was going to respond before but didn’t because I didn’t want to cloud the thread with a debate.

This applies to all gaming, flat sound is not what sounds appealing to most when playing games, some exaggeration is normally a good thing as impactful sound with somewhat extended frequency response boosted in areas and low distortion normally do the trick.

For something like classical music and sometimes acoustic Jazz, a flat response is preferable, but the same does not apply to Gaming.

If the drivers are really good with well extended clean frequency response and low distortion, perhaps they can supply a driver/software with a graphic equalizer similar to what comes with some high end gaming headphones, I have the “ASUS ROG Theta 7.1” and had the “Roccat XTD 5.1 Digital” and “Roccat XTD 5.1 Analog” before that, they both came with software with graphic equalizer, but that is a whole topic on its own.


@john2910, that’s not so much a matter of frequency response but of out of/ infront of head localisation. Unfortunately, having the Pimax appear as 2 ch audio device only leaves the “magic” to the game engine and some might do a decent job, but most won’t so much.

Personally I hence have an arsenal of weapons at my hands. Currently, I run my Amiron Wireless (which is a bit of a pain to get in place over the SMAS drivers but supports aptX LL and has excellent spacious perception for multichannel reproduction), alternatively NuraLoops (which have better fit due to being IEMs but “only” support aptXHD) and feed it with either WavesNX or Spacial Sound Card. Both of these are virtual sound cards that sit in between Windows and the actual Soundcard - a Sennheiser GSX1000, so I have 3 options for the binaural processing on games and multimedia plus going all neutral for music - where I fall back to either DT1990Pro, T90 or T1… yeah, consider me a phone head :wink: and curious to see, well rather hear, where the DMAS and KDMAS i both have on order fall into place here.

Thank everyone for their applications both here and privately.

The 10 that are chosen should get their notification next week.


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