Do you like your Pimax 8kx?

Thanks for your suggestion, I will tell the product manager-as a loyal VR fans :wink:

Sorry for that you had such a bad experience with us.Since you have already contacted the technical staff, I suggest you listen to the suggestions and they will handle it for you.If you need more help,please contact our customer service and allow them to do that for you.
As a VR fans,I hope we can all enjoy the virtual world :heart:

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I love it too!! The deluxe audio will arrive later.Before that, I hope you can bear it aT little bit…
BTW ,I personally like to watch VR videos ,and the game ,What project do you use it for??

appreciate!!Good suggestion point :clap: :love_you_gesture:

The 2 features I would like to be added the most are: Backlight Brightness control and additional refresh rates: 72 Hz for native res (most important) and 72 and 90 Hz for upscaled.

Oh… I almost forgot:
90Hz on Normal FOV in native mode if possible… :wink:

EDIT: Well that was fast… :rofl:


-Add 90Hz refresh rate for 8KX under native mode.



I really really appreciate your suggestions, I will tell the product manager~Thank you for loving our products :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Even 80 Hz would be an improvement!


I wouldn’t know (5K+ owner here), but of course You would (8K)… :wink:

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Do you mean that we need to expand the scope of IPD? :thought_balloon:

Thank you for suggestion :innocent:

It’s nice, but I’d like it more if the sweet spot was larger. Specifically I wish it extended to the inward edges of the lenses. When you’re looking at an object in front of you, it’s fine. But if you look at something closer to you, your eyes look inward and the clarity is not as good.

Maybe Pimax should sell upgraded lenses. I’ve heard that taking out the lenses is not super difficult, and can be done with a suction cup. If Pimax could sell replacement lenses with a larger sweet spot that’d be pretty awesome. I’m sure me and a ton of others on this forum would like that.


And IPD range to go lower and higher then current possible, I vote for this. PS: I do not have 8kx yet, but please do not forget people with big ipd.

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got it :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:Ahh

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i really appreciate your suggestion, I’ll tell the product manager

thank you for sharing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry for the bad experience with us,did you contact the customer service and allow them to do that for you? Creating a ticket here please:。。。 :heart:

Clarity is not to bad on my end.

Got rid of the nose cover and that made the headset more comfortable there and breath better.

The SMAS hinges are a problem on my end and I am awaiting a shipment of fixed ones that allow the headset SMAS to actually drop down at the back of my skull instead of having it sit high at the back as it does now. The headset currently is more perched on my head when I use it - not fixed.

Also, with the SMAS sitting so high, the inbuilt audio is too far away from the ears to be effective and lacks any mid to low range sound. I would imagine the SMAS off ear speakers would be better when sitting closer over the ears. That being said, there is less Gyro Drift when using those speakers compared to using my AKG 702 headphones.

I think the idea of 3 section modular foam (Center and Sides) for the headset is a good one or foam that shapes to the users face. For good clarity, the headset needs to sit close to the eyes. Mine didn’t come with the thin foam option. :cry:

Resolution of the screens is great and I think people just need to dial the SS settings in to get the most out of the image quality. A lot of washout brightness issues can be attributed to poor SS settings in SteamVR.

Unfortunately - SteamVR does not take account of the screens native resolution capability when deciding SS render target resolutions and that can lead to poor image quality. VR people still seem to forget that at the end of the day, we are still using flat screens stuck in front of large lenses to give us the experience. The screens are what give us the image and running resolutions on screens that don’t relate to their native resolutions - well it can make the final image look very poor.

Many people talked about the lens problem, we will focus on it. Thank you for your suggestion :love_you_gesture: