Does anyone have experience with VorpX? Especially with Star Citizen 3.8?

I tried to get the combination running one afternoon but no luck, and haven’t revisited. I have no prior VorpX experience.

I can see others posting recent YT videos and guides, including with Pimax settings, so it is definitely possible.

  1. Example guide:

  2. Example YT channel:

  3. My experience:

As guide suggested, combination of VorpX, OpenTrack, SteamVR, Star Citizen.

  1. Custom resolutions - configured and set as suggested
  2. VorpX - configured and running as suggested
  3. OpenTrack - configured and working on internal OT test (for games such as Arma 3 and Star Citizen that support TrackIR but not VR, they can be fooled into accepting a VR headset)
  4. SteamVR - config set to Auto defaults and PiTool to 1
  5. Star Citizen - launched from SteamVR (I tried both launcher and main game exes)

Problem results:

  1. Star Citizen loads on monitor and gets to main menu, but nothing appears on headset apart from a few ‘grey flashes’, remains in SteamVR home
  2. Star Citizen crashes on monitor after clicking on launcher, still no result in headset

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated, can provide any further details necessary. I have definitely missed something as this is demonstrably workable in general

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Have tried it years ago with Vive (and obviously not SC 3.8 but what ever was current back then).
Didn’t get good enough framerate back then. The best VR experience I got with StarCiticen was to simply use Virtual Desktop. This obviously doesn’t give you a real stereoscopic effect. But the big-ships wow effect worked pretty well.
Haven’t tried it since then. Waiting until there is more to do…

If you are after a single player game here and today then (depending on which aspect you’re after) I think you have more fun with Rebirth VR or No Man’s Sky - which are optimized for a VR experience. Both games were pretty mediocre when they came out, but are quite enjoyable by now.

And for Descent fans I can recommend Overload. (Descent Underground worked also pretty well in VR, unfortunately they have “fun” with their previous publisher, so release is delayed…)

And for multiplayer obviously there is Elite Dangerous…


Thanks, yeah seem to be number of FOV and res adjustments in 3.7 and 3.8 which affects VR compatibility. But the good news is that Pimaxes do work. I just need to figure out how for myself :thinking:

Haven’t tried Rebirth VR will take a look. I was playing X3:TC while waiting for ED KS, didn’t touch it again since tbh!
NMS is definitely on my list but haven’t got round to picking it up, esp since that launch. I know it’s much better now but I’m still concerned it suffers the same as ED, too much simple proc gen leading to endless worlds but lacking in gameplay on any of them. Colour variation is the only real exploration experience.
The thing I’m really enjoying in 3.8 is the incredible variation in terrain and weather, and that’s only v1 since December. v2 arrives mid-Feb. It knocks Elite out of the park. One system in SC is now more interesting than the 400 billion of Elite, which is rather sad.
Also multiplayer is 1000x better in SC, I can’t get on with Elite’s problems with wings, instances, super-poor multicrew etc. And I have loved Elite for years, but those aspects aren’t good and unlikely to get better.


Sounds good! Might have to look into SC again more soonish than later then :slight_smile:

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Yes I would wait a few months by which time we’ll have enough new features and stability that it will be 100% worth a revisit.

Major 3.8 updates

Server Side Object Container Streaming - TLDR a complete server and network code rework with a huge server performance increase that touched every bit of game code. Now server FPS back at ~30 and ship responsiveness, AI responsiveness massively better. BUT it introduced bugs, which are being patched now.

v4 PlanetTech - all new terrain on every planet and moon. Snow, rain, wind, ‘melt’ effects on ship and armour all look stunning. Full data driven dynamic weather mid Feb with 3.9. Wind and cold is worse at altitude or low forest cover. Temp will affect the player and require correctly rated survival equipment or hypothermia / heatstroke / death can occur etc

Caves and mining - was never much into this in ED etc, but it’s a fun mechanic, from hand mining with a multitool adaptor to multicrew mining on surfaces in new triple-turret mining ships. Smaller ships and lasers can’t crack the big rocks. Caves are vast, beautiful, spooky, and easy to get lost in! Finding missing explorers is a new mission type :wink:

It looks and feels so good now that I need to try it in VR :sunglasses:

A teaser of the current v4 planet tech:


I tried it a couple times in VR, 3.6 last time. Works quite well most of the time. A few issues here and there, but was astonished in Terms of Performance
if you add to it, it might boost the issue :slight_smile:

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Ah thanks I’ll take a look. And I’m now running BitDefender like the poster so maybe that is causing interference :thinking:

Yes very restrictiv, check that you have it allow the network connections and also that it can write files
Edit: also got that one and it can be a bit of a Hassel

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