Does Anyone Have Pitools .180?

Does Anyone Have Pitools .180?

I want to go back to it after updating to .253 but the links for older Pitools don’t seem to work for me.

Here ya go


Thank you dogbite! Is .197 the official version of the .180 beta? So same firmware?

EDIT: Ah, unfortunately the forum links to the older versions no longer work. At least they don’t work for me. I just get a “This site can’t be reached,” message. I’m thinking maybe they were lost when the previous forum was shut down?

Have a look here:


I don’t think Pimax has ever used the label “Official Version” :grinning: Everything’s a WIP.
I do believe they are same firmware. Going from 180 to 197 will update the firmware it isn’t. Except for 254alpha, I have considered all previous versions as beta.
I liked 180 (first Index support). I haven’t had any real issues with several versions until 254a which was a performance increase, but introduced crashing, Being alpha that doesn’t surprise. I dropped back to 249 until we see next release.
Many who have stutter issues are reverting to 144 or earlier for the fix.

Sorry about the old link.

Sorry just seen this, did you grab it OK from Playa’s site? It’s there.

Guess you don’t need it now, but I still have the download from the forum if useful

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