Does Boneworks work without pallarell projection?

I just watched (some of) this YouTube video by @VoodooDE and he specifically mentions HAM (Hidden Area Mask) needs to be enabled for the… wait for it… object culling to dissappear in Boneworks… :slight_smile:

I’m almost certain I’ve had that enabled permanently for a very long time (not going to check now as I’m going to sleep), but I’m thinking it might be bugged so disabling and re-enabling it (or changing FoV maybe?) re-enables it?

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Interesting mine is always on.

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I have had that permanently enabled too I also tried switching it on off to see if it fixes the issue. It doesn’t.

I didn’t mess with fov though

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It doesn’t fix it though. Object popping persists in Boneworks.

Is there maybe an outdated SDK being used by Boneworks that doesn’t include the 5K+ SN204 ? Similar to the PiTool 245 not including these? I also have Object popping on Onward, even though they have claimed to have fixed that in their June 1st 2019 update.

Might that be it? Don’t know how their system works in that regard. If so, can Pimax update and send out their SDKs to the Devs? Please, with premium headsets, we need the Software working properly as well.

PP is still no alternative to a proper recognition of the FOV. PP blurs the picture and puts the vanishing point somewhere but certainly not straight ahead.