Doom 3 BFG VR anyone got it working?

IT WORKS! first it didn’t but after installing oculus store i think it managed to work.

Steamvr opened anyway even after installing oculus store. But then i restarted the computer. opened pitool as an administrator and then tried to start the game in pitool and BAM it worked.

Many thanks Park!


The new Pitool beta fixed the issue, didn’t even need to use the ‘Vive only game’ option, does need PP on though.

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Sweet. Glad it worked out for you too!

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Only Vive option? @g-coded

I tried that first, then realized I needed PP on, and then decided to try without ‘Vive option’ and it worked. @DrWilken asked if we could just leave the Vive option on without any negative effects, which would be good to know.

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@g-coded i just don’t understand what is “vive only” option. Is it something in Pitool?

It’s in the latest Pitool beta, this also requires a firmware update so be prepared for that.

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Copy that, thx for quick response!

It worked for me aswell even without parallel reprojection with the latest pi tool beta :heart_eyes: now a short guide on optimal vr controlls settings would be awesome . I am using the vive controllers

Nice. Will try getting the newest pitool also so I don’t need PP on. It’s sad you can’t press down the touch pad to walk. It’s my biggest issue. Only works to press forward for some reason…

Have a look at the README here:

Well since the game is working now with the pimax , did anyone managed to get the texture mods to work ? My game crashes immediately when I copied the base folder of the mod : Doom3BFG allinone+ultimateHD in my game directory

Hmm strange. I managed to get it work with the texture pack though not sure if it’s that one but pretty sure it was

did you simply copy the base folder in the directory of doom 3 bfg and overwrite all files ?

I thought better textures was part of the Fully Possessed mod (“Hi Def”).

If not I can’t wait to see how it looks with even better textures.

Yeah. Just did that. Strange it doesn’t work for you…

There are real 3d textures actually …the mod is called wulfren texture mod 2.0 . But that also didnt work for me :confused: someone has to show the installation of texture mods on Youtube

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Omg wulfen looks crazy good. But does texture packs to doom 3 work with bfg?

I remember that when I had the rift 2 years ago I managed to get those 3d textures ( wulfren) to work in vr but I dont remember what I did :confused: Anyway I cant get neither the wulfren nor the Doom3BFG allinone+ultimateHD mod to work in vr now with the pimax :frowning:

Please Help

I’ll try tomorrow to get the wulfen textures to work and see! I’ll keep you updated!