Doom VFR is just 4.04EUR next 8 hours

Link: Fanatical


Last time i refunded it because it didn’t support ICs

Only $5.99 CA on Steam btw

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$5 too much

a great Doom fps with no thumb stick turning renders this thing a pile of poop, what a shame.

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It supports index controllers now, and smooth locomotion, but bad. I.E. if you press stick to forward, there is a small interruption before you start going forward in game. Also there is no snap turn…

But we can help it, read solution here:

After implementing this solution, there is no interruption in smooth locomotion, and smooth turn is so fast, that I use it as snap turn (1-2-3 small clicks, and I am 60deg left/right).

PC: after every bind command press enter, then next bind.
Do it after starting game, in menus it does not work.
Play after that until next level, then your binds will be saved forever.

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Hey I weaned on Doom DOS network play but these days it’s just more of the same.

Use the sword controllers and you don’t even have thumbsticks, problem solved?

I have since tried the above index controllers scheme and was shocked to see, that it works! My last time playing DoomVFR was like a year ago when I had given up on failed controller schemes to get around the issue. So I was skepical to try this one. Major props to the guy who gifted the community with it as it makes the game fully playable now. Only catch is you have to last the campaign before exiting the game in order for the new settings to stick (no pun intended)

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I beat that game 2 times already, as first time my save game on end went corrupted. Finally fast shooter, as Doom should be.

For me almost any game with running and jumping is better than HL ALyx :stuck_out_tongue:
The worst part of Doom VFR is that is too short game.

PS: I saw youtube videos of Doom VFR for playstation VR, and that same game is way more fun with proper vr controllers, and decoupled locomotion.
I can at same time jump, turn, shoot behind, push near enemy, and look for my way out. And never, never stop moving :slight_smile:

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how is it compared to the flat version?same levels?i had it in my library forever but just opening comunity tab at index controllers always kept me away from installing

back in the mid nineties we used to have Lan parties on laptops playing Doom, Hexen, Heretic.


This game is VR only, as I know. And for record, this is speed and adrenaline, just like other flat parts. But better.

Also previous part of this franchise, the “Doom3 BFG” has excellent VR mod, one of my favorites. You just have to disable all helpers against vr sickness (teleport, vignette and similar); then Doom3 is awesome.

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thanks im gonna try both see how they are.

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