Doom VFR (why must titles be 15 characters?)

So Doom VFR is out and getting terrible reviews on steam. Even so, I wanna try it. But does it work on Pimax, or have they blocked that too?

Bethesda has a feud with Oculus, and I suspect Pimax might be caught in the crossfire.

Well in theory if it supports steamvr (vive) then we should be good.

Lots of Oculus users are complaining on steam that the game has some protection method that crashes it when using Oculus on steamvr. I am not sure what my headset is detected as on the latest drivers, but it used to be detected as Rift P1, which could mean the anti-Oculus feature blocks us.

It works with Windows Mixed Reality, so Pimax should do as well.

I believe now its a seperate entity as need revive. Maybe see if there is a demo to download on steam.

No demo. Steam refunds are pretty good, maybe will try it.

I think it always needed revive, right? At least I always used it for OC games.

Though seriously, with comments like this, it really doesn’t look good.

Looks in general folks are saying its bad. Lol. Sounds like might be better off with Killing Floor VR though apparently you will need to choose your froends wisely as Steam users can play with Oculus version users.

I bought it and it does work with the Pimax and Nolo somehow(doesnt need revive) but I would not recommend it. I had some strange problems with resolution looking very low and as long as Pimax ignores that their Nolo “support” without ceiling mount is useless for games that require 360° tracking (almost all games) the experience is just crap.

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How is it with the controller only?

Lookbon Google valve has also patched things for oculus users recently.

It also works with only a gamepad but aiming with your head is just awfull like in any other game.

I dont mind it so much. If it means the game works without needing positional tracking, then for me that’s fine.

With motion controls, do you need positional tracking at all? Like to to reach out to pick up ammo or activate switches? I refunded Arizona Sunshine for that reason.

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I wouldn’t want to play such a game without a proper controller. So I just tried the game for a little longer and must say it’s extremely disappointing. Not because the game is so bad, it’s not, but it shows off what an epic fail Nolo and Pimax software is. The controllers are unprecise and drift so much that I have to recalibrate them every minute, it loses tracking all the time, there is no way to play the game without being killed while you try find you hands or a direction where the tracking works. I’m still here because Samsung doesn’t ship the Odyssey to Europe yet, but can’t wait for the day to throw the Pimax in the trash.

Fabian see if you can get your hands (hopefully cheap) on a Razer Hydra. It works pretty good.

Alternatively you might be able to use htc wands with lighthouses & tracking puck on PiMax.

The tracking puck would be key if it can act as the tracker for headset.

PsMove would also work better than nolo

Maybe this could work better but I am getting tired with all the setting up experimental stuff and do 7365738 steps every time before I can play a game and then realize it still sucks. I need something that just works.

@crony has used osvr to have vive wands with pimax

Just picked the game up, finally and I have to say I am quite impressed. Works very well on the Pimax, even with added SS on my 1060 3gb. Just playing with an xbox controller for now. It isn’t perfect but recommended if you can pick it up cheap.

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On sale for $10 on steam today 11/14/19 loaded right up on my 5K+ with vive wands. Figured I would give it a try at that price.

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