"Driver leap" index controller emulator for hand tracking

Got the hand tracking module as part of the “mystery box”. Works really well in natively supported applications like Pimax Experience!
Was now trying to get the “driver leap” index controller emulator to work - e.g. playing table tennis with the hand sounds like fun!

My first attempts were not too promising though. I can move the bat and (with more or less random gesture attempts) throw the ball. But the bat flips around it’s axis often (as if I would fastly turn the hand). And it hangs very often (so the bat just stands in the air and doesn’t follow my hand anymore).
Am a little puzzled why this is the case, because in PE and the Ultraleap demo apps the hand tracking works exceptionally well.

Has anybody played around with this and has some hints how to properly configure it? Any success e.g. with Eleven table tennis?

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Just don’t accidently slap children in your playspace. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Martin uses Driver Leap a lot and did a video on it recently as part of his FS2020 video.
It’s here: Play FS2020 with Hand Tracking! - YouTube
Driver Leap part is at 7:49 and the gemini software update is about a minute before that. It does go through setting that up.

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Thanks @PimaxUSA for the feedback and @SweViver for making the video!
Followed the video, the only difference between my installation and the suggestion from SweViver was that additional to Gemini I had the Orion version from PiTool installed.
After uninstalling this I don’t have hand tracking support in Pimax Experience anymore but it still works in Steam.
In e.g. Steam Home the tracking is okish, but even there, if I move the hand very fast it often loses tracking - exactly like in table tennis. The difference is probably that in table tennis these fast movements are more the norm and in Steam Home the exception :slight_smile:

Could perhaps also be that my lighting situation isn’t optimal?

At least the Driver leap solution is usable in appropriate applications, even if table tennis and beat saber might not be those. Perhaps tracking would get better with native support in these games?
Could ask in the Eleven table tennis Discord, the dev is quite active.
Are there other HMDs with the same solution? If the game devs could support a whole bunch of handtracking HMDs by supporting one particular SDK then they might be more inclined to do so as if it’s only for Pimax users who additionally bought the handtracking module. (No idea < 100 people?)

Think it would be good for Pimax if you could convince a few devs of critical applications to add native support. Some games in high demand might be Beat Saber and Ragnaröck (some would probably buy the hand tracking module just for this). And SynthRiders and Holoball but there some over-head moves might move the hands outside of the tracking range easily…

And for applications that make full use of hand tracking: Some VR synthesizer that can be connected to various virtual controllers (keyboard, drums, XYZ-plane like Continuum or Linnstrument etc.) would be awesome!
It’s the software that makes this hardware extension really feasible! (And it’s the broad availability of hardware that makes it feasible to write appropriate software…).