Drop down lists cannot be closed when clicking away

I noticed this annoying thing when using PE weeks ago but didnt say anyrhing because i didnt know how to explain it and don’t know how to record video.

But then I saw @VoodooDE have the same issue here at 5:08


This and many problems I have not spent any time working on. Most lately if I can just get what I’m interested in working satisfactorily I try not to sweat all of the nuances. Just hoping a software update in the near future will resolve all the problems. I’m not really sure simple setting like fov and fps are working properly on my PE software. I haven’t been very active with it all that much lately. But considering “events” lately I’m sure glad we have VR to escape a world that should only be in a movie and not part of reality.


are you one of the programmers working on PE?

No I never got involved.

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Your response made it sound like you were one of the devs.

I hope @arminelec or @SweViver see’s this.

Thanks for the report. This issue is in the bug list and will be solved in a future version.