Elite dangerous + 8KX

I’m curious if anyone has tried yet and how it looks? Would love to know what settings to use in order to achieve 1:1 pixel resolution without any supersampling…


Maybe @mirage335? He’s had an early version of the 8KX for quite a while.


Elite Dangerous looks amazing, as I have mentioned in my videos. It sharpens up so well, it takes a while to see the difference between native resolution in the 8kX, vs having some supersampling added. There is absolutely none of the haze from HUD glare that is present in every other headset, and no lens rays.

A few things still show aliasing, due to limitations of the graphics engine.



Also, I wonder if the eye tracking module will work with E:D for DFR…

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Unnecessary. Elite Dangerous already does not require substantially reducing quality settings to reach the point of diminishing returns in terms of supersampling.

Unlikely. Even FFR has rarely been reported to work, and even then probably under Oculus API.

Unfortunately, FDev is the problem. Not only could they offer a similar performance benefit just by eliminating the need for Parallel Projections - they are officially dropping VR support from their next update around January 2021. Which is the reason I no longer consider Elite Dangerous to have much of a future in the 8kX.


There is a large community of Elite Dangerous Commanders, of course there will be a future for this, if the developers have just added the Fleet Carriers, also for VR.
In the end the community will keep the VR, even if now they get something out of it (for the moment) you don’t really like the Dangerous Elite, that’s clear, but the problem of incompatibilities is not solved by removing the games that annoy you, but by adapting the hmd software or contacting the developers and agreeing with them, which will not have been done correctly.

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FFR Conservative works fine for me in ED. It might be a driver issue.


With SteamVR?

@Cdaked I like Elite Dangerous. Even if it never grows beyond what it is, it would be a nice VR experience to have around. However, I do not believe the community will be able to prevent VR usability from diminishing on their own.


Yes. Agreed.

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So far as I know, you are the only person to get this working. Has FFR ever not worked with Elite Dangerous for you, with any PiTool version, NVIDIA Drivers, etc?

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Really? Strange, I don’t recall ever having trouble with FFR in ED and I’ve used nearly every version of PiTool and frequently update my nVidia drivers. FFR is really obvious when it’s enabled, even on Conservative. The outer edges of the viewing area is pixelated, but the center area is fine (for both eyes). Previously, Smart Smoothing had weird artifacts in ED, but the latest version works pretty well.


Looking at SweViver unboxing video and the eye tracking module, does anyone think it will restrict the lower IPD range ?
looks like the module will come together before the lenses reach the lowest position.

They drop VR in this update because they have no idea how to handle space legs in VR, and I agree. I was very worried, walking in VR is nice, but Elite is often played in a fixed seat with HOTAS, I need more than 10 seconds to get out of my rig. I hope that the VR version simply prevents those actions that require space legs, leaving everything else


I suspect that would not work out well. I can see it now - special material X required for strengthening module Y is only available when doing spacelegs bunker mission Z without which players will be at a severe PvP disadvantage. Collecting missions, and flying to planets, we will be hopping out of our VR headsets like rabbits.

FFR works for me too, I’d imagine eye tracking will be fine as well. In fact, this is the game that works best with FFR for me because in outer space you really don’t need peripheral vision in high resolution.

I always use conservative, I’ll try aggressive tonight just to confirm it’s actually doing something. 5k+ for reference.

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Works for me, just ultra aggressive even on the conservative setting so I’ve never turned it up

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yep , the same here, conservative works great and gives extra ~7 fps in some heavy scenarios. But agressive and balancing are too distracting for this text rich game


How does the black color look like compared to 5K+?

Also, about 8KX in general, does new facial interface reduce FOV at all? Cheers!

It has been done in X rebirth and while there was nothing much to do with space legs I had absoultely no problem with it and trasitioning ship/walk. Some people do get motion sick from free walking though. Anyway it could at least be option for whoever wants to do it.

Also I assume it is solved in NMS (I have it but did not play VR yet) as there is lot of walking and doing things including combat. And NMS was not even VR release, just added VR later.

So it can be done if they wanted to do it. Thus I conclude they simply decided it is not worth the effort.

FFR worked for me too :smiley:

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