Elite Dangerous not working in upscale mode and 114hz?

Game only nice working in native mode and 90hz? I play only ED and not time test other games…The picture quality is spooky when I change to upscale mode, especially when any AA is on…is this ok?

I’m not sure what you mean. My main VR game is Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Odyssey is too demanding for my video card (an RTX 2080) to play in VR. ED has terrible AA (even when not in VR); I suggest turning AA off. In PiTool, Parallel Projection needs to be enabled. You might want to turn Smart Smoothing off, as well. I’ve found it to look weird, when in hyperspace.

I’m using 90 Hz and it looks pretty good. I’ll try upscale mode at 110% and let you know my results (it might be a day or two).

I’m using PiTool Quality at 1.0 in Small FOV, SteamVR scaling is at 100%, and my in-game settings are:

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Yes, in 75hz(I have not 90hz options) and native mode work ok. I have 3090 and all setting is max(ultra and high), SSAA on (it actually makes a lot of changes) and SS and HMD Image Quality is 1.0. Pitool render quality is 2.0 and normal FOV. When I test upscale mode it is horrible picture…

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I just did a quick test of upscaled mode. It actually looked better than I expected. The only issues I saw were badly aliased edges (which ED is known for) and slight image jitter due to lower resolution. My framerate (as measured by fpsVR was ~103 no AA, and ~82 with AA at the max setting.

Can you please explain the details of “horrible picture”? Is there image “snow”, incorrect textures, black flashing, etc.?

Sounds like you don’t have a recent pitool/firmware. I suggest for your setup you try compulsive mode set to 1/2, set the base refresh to 90hz native mode and smart smoothing disabled.

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I have 271 and 296 installed. Horrible mean that quality is mats worse when in native mode, even the Valve index had a better picture…everything is more spotty and blurry. But that’s what I was afraid of when I bought it, ED image quality has always been poor with Pimax, in native mode a little better than Index and bigger FOV…I’ve been messing with this device for a month now, read these ancient topics for best picture and others, this is not normal. BS is not possible turn off, only manually, why these things are not talked about right away? Ok, I see new pitool/firmaware is 272/299, every day I check upgrades and nothing, You have newest version installed…super! And that ad was cool too, buy new Pimax and play games 144hz and more…I bought and now play in 75hz before played Index 144hz, cool…

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Since upscale mode is lower resolution (2560x1440, I think) it is going to be a bit blurry. I only have a 2080, so I’m using Small FOV (which is still wider than an Index). I’m using 90 Hz, so the framerate is decent. It took me a while to get 90 Hz working, but I’m happy with the result.

The best (most stable) setup for me was running PiTool 270 with the 299 firmware which was listed separately in the post with 271. I suggest you try that, otherwise, you will have wait a while longer. If you can’t find PiTool 270 and the firmware I mentioned, post a reply and I’ll dig up a link tomorrow. (It’s way past time to sleep.)

After upgrade firmware to 299 and couple of restarts and after reinstall pitool to 272 I got it to work again. Now is option in native mode 90hz and upscale mode work better (but still worse than native mode, not time to test all settings now) Why not 114hz settings in upscale mode? Only 110hz?

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It was 114 Hz at first. I think it was because some headsets (or video cards) did not have stable video at 114 Hz.

Jeh, I have very disappointed this headset, very sad :frowning: The left lens is slightly foggy at all times, It doesn’t matter how wide the gap is on the lenses, need to shake head all the time to get a clearer picture. The side straps are very soft, putting the device on your head is not easy at all and DMAS cups disturb as well. Such stupid mistakes that would be easy to avoid or correct, very sad…:frowning:

The next problem, the picture wobbles all the time, nothing help…

As an experiment: Does it improve if you take desktop focus away from the game window?

I have not tried that yet…The Valve Index was the same crap, as the GPU-Z was open…I have tested everything, close MSI afterburner and all windows and apps which is possible, changed Pitools and game settings low-high, also not any different when oc gpu ore not… in space the picture does not shake very much, but in station wobbles all the time, if I tilt more to the left side, it is better

When you say “wobbles” are you referring to major movements or just a small vibration effect (of a pixel or two)? ED has a slight vibration effect when your ship is grounded. This is intentional, but I find it to be irritating. (The vibration effect is greatly reduced in space, which is why I asked.)

The whole picture wobbles, especially when you’re at the station and watching missions, ore fly in space and look forward nothing to too, these are not game shakes.

OK. That sounds like the framerate is too low. It’s much worse in stations (and on planet surfaces), so that matches your symptoms. I’m not sure why you’d see problems, since you have a 3090. Have you tried Small FOV? Made sure there are no other apps or processes eat up a lot of CPU cycles (use Task Manager).

I am tested all possibilities, normal ore small FOV, render quality all possibilities, also changed steam vr settings and resolutions, flash video card bios to KP 520w bios, nothing help, reinstall pitool…I have clean comp, nothing installed after ED, and some oc apps, cpu is not relevant work 5G, all cooled water (3 radiators) and before Valve that not was…and also no can the left eye focus in any way…already annoying this bu…hit!

It was base station fault, was too close…


The headset normally operates only with 2 base stations, with one base station still shaking…You also have it, anyone can try? Or is there something wrong with my headset?

I only use 1 base station (version 1) and it’s steady.