Enhancing your 3DOF into 6DOF with around $99!

As a DCS Simmer, 6DOF is essential in Dogfighting, which makes my 4K Pimax 3DOF experience frustrating in the long run, let alone you need to constantly zoom in to read your gauges. With the extra 3DOF Positional Tracking, you can lean forward / bend over closer to your gauges instead of zooming, which is a good sporty balance for the long flight sitting.

There will be a new 3DOF Positional Tracking System from “Antilatency” in April.

  • It is a hardware module that can track its location in any environment and under a wide variety of lighting conditions.
  • It is small, (20x16x16 mm, 12g) but with 2ms hardware latency and 2000 position measurements/s, it is extremely effective.
  • It has a 240° FOV with Onboard Processing and a Wireless data transfer.

I received an email reply today saying:
“Thx for your message, we will start shipping at the end of March. We start our integration with Pimax products just after CES, I’m not sure that it will work earlier than in April”.

So just wait for & see - till then…


(you should/could add Pi4k to the title. For the new 5k8k versions currently without lighthouses and 6dof the single lighthouse option would not be that much more)

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