Exceptional Customer Support

I just wish to pass on my sincerest thanks to the Pimax support team, specifically Eddie, Yvette and Vivi
whom I have dealt with over a long period of time trying to rectify problems I had with my 5K plus.
These fine people have been always patient, courteous, helpful and supportive within their ability to do so and spent literally hours in some cases linked to my pc via Teamviewer to resolve issues that in the end could not resolve so worked a way to get me vouchers to go toward my new 8KX which I ordered tonight.
Having worked in customer service many times in my life I can say these people are a credit to Pimax and deserve whatever accolades they get…
Please pass this on to the CEO/COO if this does not reach them.
Best Regards
Jonathan # KS backer 1590


We thank you greatly for your support!

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Thanks very much,I’ll pass this to our support team too !! >.<