eXpanSIM in VR on Steam

Hi !
eXpanSIM is a universal vehicle simulator supporting VR.

You can get a free key asking here : https://steamcommunity.com/app/1015370/discussions/0/1680315447987508918/
I got mine in the comments trying a few until one was valid.
But it seems not supporting Pimax :confused: yeah this one, I couldnt get it to work…tried every Pitools options on/off/low/hi etc etc but it crashes when hitting the “play in VR” button in the game launcher.
If anyone have a clue…
I left a message about it on their discord.

Hi @Ludx, thanks for reporting the problem. We haven’t tested the game with the Primax 8k headset yet. We will try to troubleshoot it after the holidays.



Hey have you tried Vive Mode? It might help.

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Thanks for the tip got a key :slight_smile:

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Yes tried everything, every options in Pitool with several combinations :expressionless:with all quality render and FoV etc etc, spent about 1 hour crashing the game.
@nukular welcome :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know the game will have a new build, works with the Pimax, extremly promising game.
So fun to drive trucks and tanks :slight_smile:


A small teaser :wink:


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