Extending 8KX 90hz fiber cable

So previous to the 90hz update I was able to run my 8KX extended across about 15m, using a 15m optical DP cable and the Lindy adapter; USB was extended via a 15m optical cable and two high end USB hubs in line to preserve signal stability.

This setup obviously doesn’t work at 90hz anymore.

Has anyone found a good solution to extend the 6m Pimax fiber cable by any significant amount? I’m looking at 2m minimum but all high end copper extensions I have only give a black screen at 90hz.


Yes, i have bought pretty much every single high quality DCS 1.4 exstension cable out there in various lengths and get snow or some sort of signal degradation on all cables i tried longer than 2m.

This one, a 2m DSC Extension cable from Club3D works 100% on my RTX 3090. No degrade what so ever.


Try putting some ferrite chokes on all the cabling. You can buy kits off amazon cheap that simply snap on the cable exterior (like many you see on other cords, psu cables, etc you have laying around) and can cut down on interference. It MIGHT help you keep your signal integrity over that extended distance, especially if you have a lot of EMI in your play space. I plan to move my sim-rig to corner of my room tomorrow, and may have to do some of this with other accessories myself since USB extension cables are always such crap.


I tried this same cable with the 3090, but can’t get it to even detect the headset. I even tried the same 2m cable but male-male version with a DisplayMatters powered signal repeater and it still doesn’t work at all. Any ideas what I can try next?

Maybe changing to the Lindy repeater might work, annoying that they want £63 for it though. I wish Pimax would just hurry up with a wireless link instead even if it only works with the 5K+. I’d be much happier to swap between headsets if it saves me having wires strung across the ceiling.

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