Extras update, c´mon almost there!

Hi @anon23564932, I’m really looking forward a detailed update on the status of the stretch goals. I know that the wireless module and eye tracking will take longer, I am more interested in headstrap with earphones and the prescription vr frame. I think those two simple things would make the product much more complete for the public during the first few shipments.

I also understand that the knuckles will take a little longer, but the base stations are almost here, do we know anything about this?


Yes very interested in a time line here too

I was hoping @anon23564932 would be able to post some news about any of the stretch goals during the meet up, or it would be discussed during the days.
please let us know your plans regarding

  • #1 free extra face cushion
  • #2 free upgrade to head strap with earphones
  • #3 free prescription frames and headset fans
  • #4 wireless transmission coupon (will it be usable within reasonable time?)
  • #5 free software, 3 pieces of selected content
  • #6 free eye tracking

Good question but it’s only been a day since the meet. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Posted everything I know here: Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)


Thank you #xunshu, I´ll be waiting for any news about this.

You say 2 of 3 content ready, could we know which software has been chosen?