Eye of the Temple VR awe moment

A VR awe moment occurred for me in eye of the temple yesterday. Have played for less then 1 hour. Interesting room scale (clear 2m ×2m minimum) that forces you back to the center of the play space. Played on 5k+ with index controllers and woojer haptics vest. Not sure if it was my own fatigue or a combination of (who knows what). When I moved the flaming torch toward my face i experienced a feeling of warmth over my chin and lower face ( and i have not received or may never get my feel real kickstarter pledge HaHa). Didn’t occur every time but bid a few times and i mentioned it to my wife. Similar to the shock and feeling I got early on in windlands for the first time of swinging and feeling of floating or flying. Had never thought VR would trigger indirectly other senses due to immersion. Gives me hope that VR will continue to grow and impress. If you have had other similar experiences jot it down below so you dont just laugh at me and I dont feel completely crazy for sharing. Either way it was my joy and amazement that VR continues to impress me after over five years. Cant wait for more impressive gadgets and software. Hope it still brings a smile to your face as well.


I have had similar experiences in Elite Dangerous. When I exit “witch space” next to a star, I sometimes feel heat on my face. It doesn’t happen every time, but is more likely to occur when the star is a very bright yellow-orange.


Not sure if you use any haptics devices, while not perfect by any means it does add a lot to my experiences. Can’t wait for more (come on teslasuit).


That game is epic for an indie.
That use of floorspace and the way they guide you so you’re staying in the same grid is just brilliant.
The rolling logs are especially clever.

Like it because it’s actually a full body experience, you have to step to move and actually duck, ect. What’s nice is you can do it without fear of banging a wall. Really immerses you though.

You’re not alone with the sensory thing- get that all the time in Skyrim. Breeze will be blowing or head into a snowy area and swear I can feel it blow and get cold. Wild what your brain will do.

But yeah, Eye of the Temple for sure. Great demo, looking forward to the full game (come on, paycheck)


Yeah ,That’s a very nice game!! And we’ve gotten in the touch with the Dev


Yeah, this is a very cool thing. I think they are terming it phantom senses? I wonder if the people who experience it are more susceptible to synesthesia.

I’ve long experienced this as it started for me the moment I started stereoscopic gaming more than 10 years ago now. It’s especially prevalent for me in racing sims, where I feel a considerable chill in the air as I transition from day to night (especially a rainy night).

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I sometimes sense a third arm I no longer have. Makes me think I’m not from around here :grinning:


Sorry to tell you but you were probably having a stroke.


It could also be the heat from the 8kX , if you get the eye-warmers Pimax sells it would increase the immersion ten-fold. (Eye warmers = Eye Tracking… warming your eyes is all its good for)

it sounds like this magic trick

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