Eye tracker quick setup guide

Just compiling this here to help people out

Step 1: Get this https://amzn.to/38Cu5jt
Step 2: Do this USB 3.0 Eye Tracking Module Setup - Accessories / PiModules & Accessories - OpenMR | Community
Cable direction matters. If you can only get 30Hz flip the cable on the eye tracker side.
Step 3: You’re going to need more face padding. Just accept it. About 15-20mm should be enough (working on getting something 3d printed might update if it works).
Step 4: Make sure you use a good USB port. I had really bad jitter when using my front USB for some reason.
Step 5: Do calibration by right clicking the service icon in the system tray. Don’t expect perfection.
Step 6: If you want to get fancy sleeve the cables together https://amzn.to/3cu79Ur

I’ll keep adding things as I think about them:

  • Yes you have to remove some material from the stock comfort kit. It takes 10 seconds with a pocket knife and with the type of material it is there’s no risk of it shattering or anything.
  • On the 8K X it looks like the eye tracker won’t fit into the headset. Make sure you remove the plastic cover from the USB C connector and firmly press it in. There is a plug in the hole that will get popped out.
  • You don’t actually have to stick the lens pieces on. They can stay on with just the tabs, but you will get a slightly more secure fit if you do stick them.
  • I don’t notice any FOV loss either with the lens pieces stuck on or the eye tracker itself installed. I was surprised with how much of the lens the eye tracker covers up. I did a test with one lens piece on and the other removed and I couldn’t tell a difference so don’t worry about sticking them on if you were hesitant.

Pimax 5k/8k interface for narrow faces by GrodenVR - Thingiverse

These spacers work great with they eye tracker.

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