Eye Tracking Calibration Tool Does Not Reliably Track Eye Movement (Solved PE w/Pitool Installer)

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I just installed and tested PiTool 263 with the latest aSeeVR runtime ( and the companion calibration tool, however I cannot get it to correctly track my eye movements in the calibration tool while wearing the headset normally. The only time it registers any eye movement at all is if the headset is barely touching my face or if the headset is placed very far up my face so my eyes are close to the bottom of the lenses, and even then it is very picky about how your eyes are aligned for it to register movement in any semi reliable way. It also gets very hot while after a few minutes of use (some parts of the headset interior reach 50C while the eye tracker is running!).

Is there something I’m missing here? I’m using the original front cowling (not the comfort kit) with a face gasket that is as thick as the standard Pimax foam gasket, so I’d expect it to work under normal wearing conditions.



Between “The beauty of your island face overwhelms the device” and “Your British head deformity disorients the device” guess what excuse they’re going to give you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:

But does it give you a 25-50% performance improvement?


I’ve only been trying to get eye tracking to work reliably so far otherwise it’s pointless so no idea about the performance improvements yet. I don’t see any dedicated DFR settings in PITool, but I’m assuming that enabling FFR (which I’ve always disabled due to the noticeable blurriness) converts it to DFR with the eye tracker active.


You are not alone, I am in the same situation(pimax artisan).

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Does eye colour make a difference ???
what if you have yellow whites and pale green pupils = no chance

No, I think the position of the eyes makes a difference. As the eye gets very close to the lens, the tracking stops (as you know), so the height of this eye tracker doesn’t seem to be adequate for accurate tracking.
With this setting, we cannot hold the headset securely with a strap, so we have no choice but to enjoy eye tracking while holding it by hand.

No response for a few days, so I opened a ticket on this issue.
let’s wait and see. :wink:

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@Alex.liu Any insight into why the eye tracking module is not tracking correctly? Will there be any updates to improve the ET firmware?

I receive mine yesterday. Not bothering even open it until they solve the issue.

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mine is also not tracking. opened a support ticket

I’ve had mine for 2 weeks now and decided to wait for the driver and the reports before messing up my lenses with an adhesive and a reflective piece of glass reported to cause extra glare.

I think it was a good decision.

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The reflections are definitely there - if you look at the Pimax logo on the splash screen before SteamVR is loaded up, you can see the Pimax logo is reflected and flipped upside down on each of the lenses.


Not…good :crazy_face:
we need an official answer if the plastic lenses are needed in the eyetracker.
Should have been AR coated on the front side (facing the lenses)

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That alone makes me think twice if I ever want to install it at all - and it basically kills the product (for me and maybe for others sensitive to image quality… and since we’re all enthusiasts here, who isn’t).


If I understand correctly you can insert prescription lenses in the eye tracker. So the ‘neutral lenses’ should be easily removeable. Obvisiously Pimax has included these for normal sighted people. Hope these ‘neutral lenses’ are not needed for stability or to block emitted IR light from the panels. They can break and make things more costly. As Pimax HMDs also have an inner transparent protection glass the light from the panels to the eye has to pass 3 layers.

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Err, paying 1,300$ for the headset alone while a complete G2 VR system will become available at 599$ within 1-2 months definitely must give an 8KX buyer an edge (or at least hold its ground) in terms of image quality, why otherwise pay such amounts ?!

The greater FoV alone but with lesser image quality coming in at more than double the price wouldn’t sound that attractive would it, save perhaps for a small group of users who are absolutely desperate about the FoV.

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Hello Genesis,

Please log a ticket at Pimax Helpdesk, and share the ticket number with us, our technician wish to talk with you and diagnose this problem.


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If you get prescription lenses, it sounds like you should pay extra for the anti-reflection coating. I get that option (and anti-scratch, too) for all my eyeglasses.


Hello Quorra,

I have created a ticket as requested, the ticket number is #6152.

Could you also provide some information regarding these questions as there is no documentation anywhere about them:

  • Are the lenses on the eye tracking module required? If they are not required, what is the procedure to remove the lenses from the eye tracking module? If they are required, is there anything that can be done to reduce the glare and reflections that appear during use (as seen in the image above)?

  • How do you activate Dynamic Foveated Rendering (DFR)? I’m assuming that when the eye tracker is installed and calibrated, you would select a Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) setting in PiTool to activate DFR, however there is no documentation anywhere explaining this.

Edit: Received the following response to the ticket, so it seems that Pimax is not going to be the one providing support for the product. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what 7invensun says.

I've sent your email address to 7Invensun (eye tracking supplier), one of sevice support from them will contact you ASAP, let me know whether they help you fix your issue.