Eye tracking, DFR and DCS

Dear @SweViver @PimaxQuorra

I am an 8KX backer. Im looking forward to recieving my 8KX soon!

Does DFR work with DCS? Does eye tracking work with glasses? If so how do I take advantage of the $99 dollar eye tracking upgrade. I already opted for upgrade plan G.


I took Plan A, but still would like to get it, at what ever price applies as a Backer and OPT Out of stretch goals person. I guess we will get an Info when it show up in the shop - just would have been nice to know where and when to watch for it :slight_smile:

We can order it soon on their site @SweViver told me on the chat…

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I want to order eyetrackers when they’re available but only if its supported in DCS.

edit Hey Rage its Kaz!!!
You should open a support ticket, they’ll help you out.

Hey mate :slight_smile:

I suspect theyre inundated with tickets. A simple forum response might be easier.

I would like to know if hand-tracking module works with DCS??

IIRC, there was a statement that DFR works with everything FFR does. So, almost certainly, yes. DFR might also be slightly more useful than FFR, because the instrument backlight texture will probably be hidden from us at the edges.


FFR imposes a CPU load/latency, and I would expect the same from DFR. The use cases under the most pressure in DCS World (thousands of objects on the map) will be running at 10%-20% of both CPU and GPU limits. So trading GPU load for CPU load may not be useful for DCS World (which I have stated multiple times).

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try sending a DM to Kevin the COO, hes very responsive and helpful.

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Good insight. Thanks

Only 1 way to find out for sure… :slight_smile:

DCS seems to have troubles utilizing FFR and DFR in a proper way. It does work, but the performance gain is very minor. I will discuss this with Matt Wagner, and the plan is to send them a 8KX sample asap, when backers are fulfilled at least. We want to work closely together with the DCS devs, and I have already discussed with Matt about the idea to visit their office, as soon as Covid19 is gone and we can travel again.


It would be nice to work, as you say, close to DCS devs to get the most of eyetracking. Perhaps the future vulkan update can help with the cpu and then eyetracking will have more benefits.

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