Eye-Tracking Module (CES 2020)

The eye-tracking module was available at pimax booth and @SweViver posted a video of it.

As usual, quite exciting, even if we should always be careful with that kind of self-endorsement.
Like with mirror-screen on our monitor when we play in VR, I’m sure what we saw on the laptop was perfectly accurate to what SweViver saw in the headset (especially the timing at which the line of sight changed), but the sides were still looking quite shimmery / distracting.

Also, I suppose that the “works on all titles” is meant to say “as long as you have a Nvidia RTX cards” like for FFR (probably still using VRS tech).
Larger compatibility range of GPU, and maybe better gain would have to need a direct implementation from the devs/engines.

Still, quite excited for the moment (I know I better temper my excitement but it’s difficult for something which was waited for so long).


Think eye tracking should be my first upgrade as it’s relatively cheap and possibly a budget visual improvement with dfr , I hope dfr runs on a 1080ti , I can then switch it to the 8kx when I get one

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Well… DFR is only supported by RTX GPUs. I use 1080ti too, so willing to get 3080 when released.

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I don’t see a way for Pimax to make DFR work on non RTX card (except if implemented directly by each game).

1000 cards had some tech which should have helped implementing FFR (Multi-Res Shading and Lens Match Shading) but it seems to have been a harder challenge than initially thought since Pimax eventually gave up on FFR on those cards (I’m sure they would have also love to broaden their market by making it more affordable).

But I think there is no tech (at the stage where Pimax can intervene in the rendering pipeline) where it can be made dynamic (except, once again, if it is done at a lower lever by the game dev themselves).


Maybe in our dreams, at the moment means that only very few games will get a benefit, regardless of which card you have

In the future they might be all of them, but not today…

yes my next upgrade from 1080ti should be 3000 series

Question is
will the 3080ti really need dfr . does the slight lag rule it out for fast paced games

wait what? it only works with nvidia? ill be getting my big navi on, it better work on that too!

Have you seen AMD pushing any VR features in their card since VR became a thing?
AMD is targeting to large general audience, that why they don’t try to compete with nvidia on the small very high-end gpu market (2080 Ti and such), nor they develop features for niche market like VR.
At least for the moment.

Even if you could hold your performance well with a 3000 series card (albeit “on games currently available tailored for current gen gpu and current headsets”), you could still use DFR to further enhance visuals (supersampling only where you’re looking).

Why only “a very few”? If I’m not misunderstanding this, it’s not like it NEEDS to be implemented in each game (even if it could result in better result), but more at something akin to driver level like the recently released VRSS, am I wrong?
Sure, there should be incompatibilities here and there of course, but it shouldn’t be the majority I think.

I don’t use Pimax FFR (quality loss on the sides was too distracting) and I know some titles aren’t compatible, but does it really only work on “a very few” games?

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And also VRSS works on very few games, because game has to collaborate (even unconsciously) in order to give some benefit

The only difference between FFR and DFR is that the FFR area is movable. How many games do you know that have a real performance boost with FFR?

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Officially (which doesn’t mean anything I know) : “Developers won’t need to add VRSS support, as it’s handled by the driver, so we should see this list grow”.

I suppose it’s either that they have tested it on those, and want feedback (probably looking for bugs) before applying to all VR games, or (more likely), they need to tweak it internally, like the tweaks for new games in each new drivers.

As for FFR on Pimax, as I said, the resulting quality was so distracting that I gave up on it even before looking at the performances. But I will check if I found video of people comparing the results.

Developers CAN’T add VRSS support, but the game need to have:

  • DX11 (no DX12 support)
  • MSAA (rarely used because much heavier compared for example to morphological algorithms such as MLAA)
  • Forward Rendering

Games where VRSS would be more useful, such as DCS, Elite Dangerous, Euro Truck Simulator, are all out of this case

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In my opinon DFR is not Holly Grall that we need asap to solving performance issue.
At least at this development stage, its not look like natural vision when border areas start pixelating around very sharp central vision.
To improve this , devs should add software blurr for non-sharpen areas and also add some smoothness to balance between them . Right now based what I seen it will only distract most ppl during game play. Well, at least in some games with text , mainly simulators. Latency should no be an issue as our eyes alos have it.
@PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra

I don’t know when You’ve tried it last, but it’s gotten better in later PiTool versions so You might want to try it again… :wink:

It was way too rough in the transitions between different levels in the first release(s).

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but they have tweaked it.

I found it kind of funny how the 7invensun rep specifically recommended the environment with the strong backlight through foliage, when that makes for something of a worst case scenario when it comes to just about epilepsy-inducing flicker in the periphery, to exacerbate the aliasing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is the 3080ti cards a sure thing right now? Any idea on a release date??

rumors predict around june 2020. well it‘s…rumors…but makes me stay on my 1080ti for sure and skip 2080.

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@PimaxQuorra When is eye tracking supposed to go up for pre order? And is there an estimated ship date on them (apologies if I have missed it). I see the hand tracking module up for preorder but haven’t seen much info about it at CES, but seen info about the eye tracking but not up for preorder, so was wondering the status of those. I guess the status of the wireless module too would be nice if you happened to have one handy.

Nvidia shown back in 2016 how “good” fovated rendering should be implemented.

But those kind of solutions need to be implemented by the game devs, which could be a lot of work depending on the engine. I hope the spreading of eye-tracking will let us reach that kind of result at some point.

Thanks, I will take a look next time I decide to remove the dust from my 5K+.
I tried it when it was just released, and maybe on the following pitool release, but the shimmering and heavy aliasing was to distracting for me.

Good thing if they improved it in the meantime.


thanks - great examples in this nvidia YT materials how this tech should be implemented

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Hello Crump,

Please kindly check on the weekly update. We did update the eye tracking status in that post.

Have a nice day.


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