Eye tracking prescription lens survey

mildly concerned by wording of this survey question

‘wearing a prescription lens adaptor may bring some unavoidable effects, such as discomfort after wearing it. for this, we need to know if you accept this and understand how many of you need such prescription lens adaptors.’

Could someone from pimax elaborate on this please.

Why would wearing prescription lenses result in discomfort.
Should we also not be wearing prescription glasses inside the pimax.
If we can wear prescription glasses in the pimax, why is that fine and lens adaptors are not.

7invensun specifically state the plate in the eye tracker cannot be changed for lenses, i presume because they are using reflections off it. Given the lens would probably have to be between the eye tracker and the eye (i don’t see how you could use distorted reflections off a curved lens when everyones glasses are different) is this the discomfort issue, that we would literally be scraping our eyelashes up and down the lenses, or is it something to do with additional eye strain.

Apologies for random speculation but it’s difficult to not speculate in a complete vacuum of information. And i would really like to give replies on the survey that are more informed so a longer explaination of whats going on would be greatly appreciated.


I think it’s eye strain.

I have some lenses in a 3d printed addapter and they work fine, but I did have to get used to them. I use a hardware IPD of 60 with a - 0.5 software offset without them, but a ~61 hardware and -1 software with them. I have also found that the exact position of the lenses and their angle makes a huge difference. Before I tweaked this I did get massive eye strain in game. Not after taking the HMD off though …

It looks to me like the lenses will fit fine between the eyes and the tracker in the same sort of position as with my 3d printed ones. I do need a little more eye relief with them but it’s definately worth it and they fit fine for me. I was thinking of putting my existing lenses in the eye trackers with some double sided tape or sugru.


I guess what is confusing me is, i wear my glasses specifically to reduce eye strain. Why would wearing them with the eye tracker cause eye strain. And why have we not been given similar warnings about using glasses.


Well well well, another empty promise from Pimax … surprising isn’t it -__-’
Despite being patient, and being sometimes lenient on the issues, it’s slap in the face after slap in the face.

I don’t know how it would bring discomfort, but it that’s similar to how my eyelashes swipe the headset lenses with the original foam and face-bracket, but this time despite using the comfort kit, I wouldn’t find this acceptable.
Once again, I will have to find a work around that (probably have to switch to contact lenses before playing).

Some pics showing my lenses and how I think they could be similarly fitted to the eye tracker. Only concern would be the IR lights maybe being blocked, dunno. Oh also potential for extra reflections to confuse the tracking, I guess. Anti - reflective coating may help.

3d printed insert with lens :

Installed :

Extra eye relief. I used this anyway for top tilt and narrow face fit so there’s no loss for me.

How I think could maybe do exactly the same with the tracker. The camera is between the prescription lens and the tracker flat ‘lens’.


I was bothered, so I laser polished my cornea.
Eyeglass lenses? I don’t need it anymore. haha
But $1300…


wouldnt work for me unfortunately.

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@pimaxquorra can we get an official reply on this.


@PimaxUSA @PimaxVR I’m presuming replies to the survey are time sensitive, so any info we could get to inform our feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I guess, Pimax just figured out that you would need to cut your nose slightly in order to fit the ET on it :wink:. But the cut will be just small and they will release the manual how to do it safely. /s

Anyway as a glass wearer I am quite curious how this thing will eventually unfold, because I believe there is no way the current ET design can accept a prescription lens without having it specifically treated for the ET (AR coating and IR reflexive coating) and having the ET algo recalibrated for the prescription lens geometry…


@SweViver Can someone from pimax please address this,

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