Eyestrain. Help on which way to move sliders according to eyestran location? Bad memory, cant remember things

Hi there

Been at it for ages now but sadly i suffer from some memory issues that makes it very hard for me to remember which way i tune and such. I also have issues with one eye where its stretched 20% vertical or so due to scarring inside the eye so im unable to line things up just by looking. on my 5k+ it was just -0.5 to line the rocks up in pimax home and it was fine but ive been at it for ages on the 8kX and the rocks are perfectly level.

Basically what im asking is which way to move depending on where the strain is. Up down inner outer etc I would be most thankful if someonehad a good writeup on this as i just cant find it by experiment.


After i physically moved the right lens one gear tooth in it lines up with real life 99% Still i get a lot of strain under my right eye. The only place ive been able to find some relief is if have the lensen so close to my face its touching creating a smear fest and the lens distortion on the sides is quite bad as im now to close. I dont feel like the vertical offset really does anything and tbh i dont know which way to move it.

Its a real shame but at least that close i can use it, just not very long since its quite uncomfortable with some cloth as padding.

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I have given up. RIP 8kX


I have noticed that reprojection on some fovs can make my eyes feel weird but its game specific.