Eyestrain only.IPD Lens alignment/eye check image. Can each eye see the same. How far out are you?

Ive been trying to get my 8kX sorted for over 6 months now and ive seen some various images around. Ive always wondered if both eyes can see the same amount of picture and i modified this image so i could easily align the white part on the inner edge. Close one eye. Line up and then the next. It will get you in the ballpark

The stereo distance will most likely not be correct (to wide) but it will get the image the same for both eyes and you can tune equal for both eyes from there.

Maybe something like this can be done for vertical too? I find that to be a lot more tricky as my eyes are not the same and ive had some water bubbles that stretches things out and makes it a bit blurry. They also “fix” it relatively quick. Could work for someone else.

A small disclaimer. I have not tested it much nor do i know if this is 100% correct.

In my case i needed -2.1 right for them to be about the same spot. That’s quite a large offset id say.

Just replace C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\resource\pimax_default.jpg and restart pitool

Open fullscreen and download. Might be that a black to grey would be better to reduce glare a bit

Edited. Updated image.


I will try this when I wake up in 10 hours, thanks.

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hey how do I do this?

Like how do I open the image while in VR? Im pretty dumb

Make sure Pitool is set to close in Settings/General so you dont get PVR home. Im using Pitool 271.

Going to try this when I get home.

I used the following method to adjust the vertical offsets: I used a distant light in air car for this, but I assume you could use any clearly defined point in vr as well.

I found a single point, then I set the horizontal offsets to the extreme where I would feel cross eyed and where I would see the single light source as two sources but close together. Because of my eyes one of the sources would be slightly lower than the other and it’s easy to see and adjust when they are close together. I adjusted the light sources vertically so they where at the same height and voila! Now I know that one of my eyes need a - 0.8 in relation to the other value whatever it may be.

I’m not sure if this is right to do though. My eyes and brain compensate for this in RL so shouldn’t it do so in vr as well?

Hi @Trigen,

thanks for sharing this Image. This helped me to align the vertical offset. :slight_smile:

I am suprised you have used it for the vertical offset. Maybe i need to check again, or my Pimax is simply perfectly aligned horizontally. For me the horizontal offset is for L&R both times just 0. For the vertical I did however set a offset.

Your picture helped me in an easy way to find the sweet spot.

Thanks again for creating this image. Hopefully something like this will be implemented in the Pimax Experience in the near future.

Best Regards

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Great! I think the original was done by Risa2000 and modified a bit and then modified by my again.

I take it you mean Horizontal offset? It was to check if i see the equal picture on both eyes so i got something to work from. Just doing it randomly with no clue is impossible for me but the clarity felt better once i knew within a 2-3 clicks where the right image needed to be to show the same in both eyes. Its just far to wide so i reduced it from 0 left 2.r to 1.5 L -0.4 R Now i just need to tune again from there. My eyes probably arnt symetrical but i didnt have this issue on the 5k+ and 2ish seems quite far out. But i hope im on to something now at least. I love this HMD

If someone with no eyestrain could take the original image and make a white/black transition at the correct line (inner side) for stereo depth i’d be very grateful for that too as i dont know how many grids in is actually where its supposed to be. Or just tell me how many and ill modify it. I found it tricky to count near the inner edge though.

Perhaps @risa2000 ?

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My process at the moment has been.

Line up the white edges. gave me -2 right or so. I did this mainly to center both and make sure both see equal amount. Then i moved the green line to the middle and closed each eye rapidly until it was in the same spot. That gave me the same ratio of 2 and looked to be in the center

Then i made a cross on a white door with black electrical tape. Made the same cross on a picture and placed it at the same range in VR using OVR toolkit. Took the HMD on off quickly to check for double vision. At L 1.2 R 0.8 and 0.2 Right vertical im as close as i can get from that i think but i still get eyestrain.
Considering how uneven the lens movement is i do wonder why its like this. Surely it cant be 0.01 mm precision needed here?

I do not understand what are you asking for. What is “correct line for stereo depth”?

There’s no need to do anything if everything is set to 0 and whoever has no eyestrain. Count the number of grids to the inner edge and make the black/white transition there (just tell me how many really) so i can check if its the same in my HMD. Then that will be the default “Stereo depth” Or at least very close.

I am not sure that the static image is rendered (or to be more precise - warped) correctly. At least the last time I checked it seemed like the static image was rendered in infinity, making focusing on the same grid cell quite unnatural. If you try to set up the image offsets in PiTool to compensate for that, you may then introduce the opposite effect into the correctly rendered 3D scene.

I only intended for the squares to somewhat easily count in to the edge of the lens so I see where I need to make the lines like Ive done on the top pic. You do this by closing one eye and just count in. It’s a bit tricky at the edge with lens distortion but it works. it does not matter if the picture is warped or rendered to infinity. Once I’ve done it I just move it in the hmd

Since I don’t actually know how much out of calibration my hmd is it would help me if someone did a rough count. Then I’ll quickly see which sides are wrong and approx how much. Since this distance also relates to the depth you see I mention stereo 3d depth

This needs to be the highest priority for Pimax, like all hands on deck, nothing else matters.

I’ve tried this and have a question. Is it a goal that the green line is in the same place? In real life when focusing on an object it does displace a bit when changing what eye I use.


As far as vertical difference in your first part i have the same issue and I feel like they should but I don’t know how it is with the lenses. On my 5k+ I had 0.5 vertical right for the images to line up in pimax home and I could wear it for 8 hours with no hint of eyestrain. The 8kx seem impossible to fix