Eyetracking Prescription Information

Can someone from Pimax please provide the details of the Eye Tracking modules regarding prescription lenses? You had said you would provide the details once they were released. I’d like to know if the glass inside the eye trackers can be removed and replaced with prescription lenses? Or, is it where we have to place prescription lens next to the existing glass? Please share the details.

Can someone please respond to this? I’ve asked a number of times the past few weeks now. @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @SweViver

it’s still weekend…

they probably don’t have full information themselves either. they have only just started talks with other companies about this.

It’s been multiple weekends since Pimax said they’d provide the information. Literally weeks now. If they don’t know, they can still respond with something instead of just ignoring the question. If we can’t replace the lenses with prescription lenses, just admit it already.

The last update was a while back when Pimax Quorra mentioned they were in contact with a number of companies regarding prescription lenses.

I’m trying to verify if we can even use prescriptions lenses with it. If so, is it by popping out the current lenses and replacing them with prescription lenses? Or, are we placing prescription lenses in front of the existing lenses. The reason I’d like to know is some people are already noticing issues with reflections on the glass of the eye tracker. If we’re to place an additional prescription lens in front of the existing glass, I can’t imagine it would work well at all.

I think I remember lenses being changed.

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