Facebook has destroyed the metaverse!

Facebook change to Meta has destroyed the term “metaverse”. Although a brilliant marketing move attaching their name to already common term. They have stolen it for their gain just like the private data they mine. There now has to be a new term derived to encompass the digital universe we all will share. Similar to the Oasis and metaverse.

I am a Pimax fan but not sure I care for the term Pimaxian (haha). Also not sure I’m interested in entering the Pimaxaverse either. A new term needs to be adopted.



They can call it whatever. About as interested in entering it, as opening a Facebook account.

“Pi are round. Cornbread are squared” :grinning:


The good thing is language is constantly evolving, it will probably get generated on its own.

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When they announce all the words being added to the dictionary each year, of late, it seems more like devolution. :smiley:


Time to call out the namshub of Enki and stop this madness!

I am not touching that Meta-thing even if they pay me. :-1:



Or any other term that sounds ordinary instead of extraordinary.

Because a 3D compositor running on an ordinary person’s server for any application to talk to, with some basic rules about ‘ownership’ of nearby space around a player, and statistical anti-cheat detection, is all that any metaverse should ever be.

Only reason this line of discussion comes up at all is because 1) video game design inherits the legacy of storing all the objects on a cartridge as with old console games from the Nintendo64/PlayStation1 era and 2) big companies want to own their customers by confining them to walled gardens.

We might as well call all the complicated approaches to ‘metaverse’…
Microsoft Bob Two Point Zero

Eh, its the same as Google changing their parent company name to Alphabet.

Meta and Alphabet are such generic terms, that no one will actually use them when referring to either one of these companies. So actually being too generic hurts their brand recognition.

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Although I will continue to think of Facebook as ‘Facebook’, no doubt Facebook will refer to itself from now as ‘Meta’ at every opportunity.

So every time someone complains about Facebook, they can just reply ‘oh that’s not us anymore’. Sure.

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Exactly, like Alphabet inc is the parent of the Youtube Subsidiary, Google etc… These guy are all following a proven formula for institutional reach…and more?


Same as Blackwater renaming to Academi and then to Xe just a way to try and brush off previous negativity


Maybe “PiVerse” ???

Facebook owns Meta.com

No wonder they decided to rebrand.

You would think they’re not changing their name because they own that domain, but rather that they own that domain because they knew they would need it… :wink:


They haven’t destroyed the metaverse, so much as dedicated themselves to the Meta-Data collection Universe.

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“Meta” is the hebrew word for “dead” lol


The only good news to come out of the event for me was GTA San Andreas vr being developed for quest 2, it has discouraged me from selling my q2.

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Not good news at all for everyone that doesn’t own a Quest 2…

I wonder how long ago Facebook bought that domain?

Well, just a name, and one hopeful service provider. :7

Is Stephenson still involved with Magic Leap, by the way? :7