Fallout 4 VR Still Working or Not?

I’ve seen at least one reference to Fallout 4 VR no longer working properly on Pimax with later version of PiTool even with PP on. Something about shadows being out of place in one eye regardless of settings?

Is this correct? I guess I could buy it with and rely on Steam’s refund policy, but it’s window is very tight and life may get in the way of my being able to test the title thoroughly.

(I realize it’s not a great VR game, but I’m quite familiar with modding Bethesda games and will be glad to install the mods needed to get it working well.)

Don’t know about FO4VR, but SkyrimVR is working and they share the same engine, so…?

As you’ve already mentioned modding, you know the drill.
Sorry can’t help more than that.

I was playing DLC Far Harbour in vr up to 2 months ago. Then I had to wipe my hard disk, and to install everything again. After that I again installed it to continue my game, but now I have problem with some textures on the ground (they are presented 2-3m under ground, even if I walk on ground level).

After that I was playing other games, and did´t bother with it. I saw on nexus one mod that fix those ground parts, but didn´t do it yet.

Fast search on net again gave me this code in Fallout4VRCustom.ini, I will try it later:



OK, thanks for the responses. I’ll buy it and then try to get it to load a saved-game from FO4 where I’m already outside the vault to see how things look. Hopefully I can get vanilla FO4VR tested in less than the 2-hours-of-play return window that Steam provides without question. If I can get vanilla to work properly I plan to go with the GingasVR / Wabbajack FO4VR mod configuration I think, as it looks to make FO4VR a really nice VR experience.

I solve it with some codes and mod: Far Harbor Missing Textures :: Fallout 4 VR General Discussions

No problem with missing ground textures.
:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

PS: I think that basic game works out of the box anyway

EDIT: AMD FSR works great with it!!! I scale it to 1.3, it can go more up!

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Yeah, I’ve spent about 5 minutes in it so far, just enough time to attempt to make a random character with random stats and a random name and then test things. I’m not seeing any issues with shadows or rendering so far, but holy cow, people were NOT wrong, this is the worst performing VR game I’ve ever seen. How did they ever release this? At default settings it stutters all over the place with 3080 Ti. It’s unbelievably bad.

Anyway, it’s supposedly “fixable” (and let’s face it, that’s the state of most Bethesda games upon release), but my biggest problem, which I completely did NOT expect, is that it does not in any way support Index controllers out of the box. I’ll have to reconfigure things just to get the controllers to function. Insanity. Oh well, I unfortunately enjoy Fallout 3, FNV and FO4 enough that I’ll probably spend the time to try and fix it. Would probably be better spent reinstalling FNV to use through VorpX though.

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Gingas wabbajck mod pack has index button maps included. I use the index controllers with her pack with no problems.


Yes, it is pretty bad, but I would not so easy give it title “the worst performing game” :slight_smile:
I am using ss=1, small fov, pp on, smart smoothing on, no aa in game, and AMD FSR scale 2.0 :slight_smile: with high sharpening = 0.99
It is another game with this, totally playable (2080ti) and very, very nice.
That AMD FSR is making wonders, especially in this case!

PS: do not forget to bump in steamvr “maxRecommendedResolution” to at least 16385!


I’m sure that’s a typo… :wink:

16k = 16384 (1024 * 16)

Yes, that was a typo. By the way, how much is a limit? I tried to put more, but it seems it is not working.

I guess You might have found it?

I don’t see why You would go higher, but just do increments of 1024.

Amd fidelity mod sometimes render booth pictures as one divided in 2. That means I can not go higher than 8k horizontal per eye, if limit is 16384. And FidelityFX can go higher on my system.

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Well, I played around with it enough to know that it does appear to be ‘fixable.’ Following the base instructions from the GingasVR Wabbajack mod pack for it resolved quite a few issues - Index controllers work great now for example. Maintaining 45fps looks very doable; 90fps just maybe. It will take a long time, however, to figure out which of her mods I actually like and which ones I don’t, and what effects I’m seeing are issues with vanilla FO4VR. For example the Vault 111 interior had incredibly flat lighting; like a game from the 90s. I don’t know if lighting effects were removed from vanilla FO4 for performance reasons or if that’s one of her chosen mods playing with the lighting. So, just as it has been with every other Bethesda title; a long hard slough to actually make the game I want to play. (That said, some of my best gaming ever is from highly-modded FO3, FNV and FO4.) And for those of you who are Fallout fans; if you don’t have vorpX yet, the FO3 experience through vorpX is excellent.

Outta curiosity, I think I read that it’s possible to move saves from FO4 to FO4VR? I don’t like that it’s impossible to create a custom character in FO4VR. I’m thinking create the character in FO4, save immediately after generation, and then move that character to FO4VR.

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Pretty certain you can just copy the saves. Been awhile though.

We never used Wabbajack and it’s been awhile, but we kept a list of the mods we considered ‘essential’ for play (specifically VR, not pancake), so maybe some of these will help you:

(All mods should be on Nexus. We use Vortex to make things easy. Mods marked with an asterisk * are essential for getting a decent framerate. With the clutter alone gone, you should be able to get a steady 90hz)

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Vivid Fallout - All In One (2k)
True Storms - Wasteland Edition
Full Dialog VR
Insignificant Object Remover *
No Ugly Plants and Things 2.0 *
Remove 3D Debris *
Remove Other Flat Trash *
Remove Ugly Flat Trash *
Tree Remover 1.0 *
FAR - Default Resolution
DLC VR Fixes
Automatron VR Fix
More Accurate Weapons

and last, but not least:
More Where That Came From (Classic)

Happy Hunting.


I’ve got things running well and pretty much ready to go except for one issue: Index controller support. I can’t seem to find anything that works in any meaningful way. I find some that kinda sorta work, but that’s it. Many of the Index controller ‘hack fixes’ (like the one with the GingasVR Wabbajack config) may work (very hard to use, but at least functional), but come with a custom .dll that unfortunately conflicts with OpenVR FSR use (they both require a modification of the same .dll).

Anyone have an Index controller solution for Fallout 4 that works that they could point me to?

The index controllers are working without hack now, no need for mod any more. Just start steam and controllers prior the game start.

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Thanks BrziJoe, I’ll give that a try. It’s possible my controllers were not turned on prior to starting F4VR, because when I tested it on initial download in a vanilla state it definitely did not work for me at all. Since that point everything I’ve read lead me to the Index hack and community profiles.
I did finally get a setup that worked; Index Hack from the original GitHub (has one that includes AMD sharpening as well, but not the FSR upscaler) and that author’s community profile. But if I can get it working without those, all the better.

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Fallout 4 VR with Index Controller Solution:

Putting this here so other people with the same issue will hopefully find this before spending hours and hours trying to ‘fix’ non-working Index controllers in F4VR:

BrizJoe was correct: As long as you have your Index controllers ON before you launch F4VR they will work properly with zero extra config tweaking or Index hacks necessary. This information is, unfortunately, buried under heaping mounds of radioactive debris, such that when you search for solutions everything you find will likely still point you to the Index controller hacks. They are no longer necessary. Thank you BrizJoe for your answer.


I do not know the exact answer to your question but
what I stumbled upon is a relevant thread closer too your
post in reddit you can have a look at it

OK, so Fallout 4 VR is working, kind of OK-ish. Honestly, the only other title I’ve seen perform this poorly is PCars2 (in fact, I think Fallout 4 VR is actually worse). After a fair amount of tweaking, plus using AMD Fidelity FX, it’s clear that trying for anything above 60fps is just not going to happen at the level of clarity I desire. 45fps with Motion Smoothing does some extra weird stuff in this title; like a throbbing light that causes an entire area of the scene to ripple outwards like a wave, or an explosion. Just not going to be able to use Motion Smoothing I don’t think.

But this gets me to another question (maybe best for another thread, but here goes);

Back many, many PiTool and SteamVR versions ago, games that ran below the refresh rate still ran reasonably smoothy; kind of like you experienced on a regular display. Yes, they got less responsive, and you could see that the fps were dropping, but that was generally it. For racing SIMs in particular it never bothered me to have a low frame-rate, because it was still a smooth low frame rate and I wasn’t moving my body around. PCars2, for example, performs so poorly that it would sometimes dip clear down into the 30s. But the key was that it still looked like a game running at framerates in the 30s. Not great, but playable.

However, this behavior is no longer present in any game I try. Some titles are worse than others, but as a rule I must now maintain the refresh rate as an absolute minimum, because anything less than this starts to hitch, and stutter, and turn into something unplayable and awful. For example 90fps looks like 90fps, but 88fps looks like 20fps. In FO4VR it’s so bad it’s almost like prior frames are repeating; like I try to move and I’m getting micro-stutters in the opposite direction of movement or something. It’s just awful. I could probably stand to run FO4VR (or many other titles) and rates between, say 60 and 90, as long as it was smooth the entire time.

Is there any way to correct this behavior? I really liked it the old way far, far better.