Feature Request: Launch game from Pitool from within Pimax Home

Feature Request: Launch game from Pitool from within Pimax Home

I generally leave Parallel Projection turned on. However, I have been playing Saints and Sinners a lot recently, which doesn’t require it, and I can actually play with Large FOV at 100% scaling, it looks quite nice.

The only pain is having to launch it through Pitool. I put on the headset, strap on my Index controllers, then have to look past my nose under the HMD at the monitor to launch the game (I wont be able to do this when the comfort kit arrives with a better nose pad)

It would be very nice and convenient if there was a game browser inside Pimax Home that, when launched, applied the same settings that are applied from Pitool.

This way I could launch Steam VR and play things that require PP, then exit SteamVR (return to Pimax Home), and launch a new game with PP disabled, all without having to remove the HMD



YES. please add this and the led toogle on and off in the front of the device


I’d rather see them invest the time into integrating a SteamVR overlay menu for PiTool instead of wasting it on Pimax Home.


But if SteamVR isn’t restarted then changes to enable / disable PP will not take effect

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New version of virtual desktop on the quest look great, can play native oculus game and play steamvr game.



Hello Bubbleball,

Maybe you should share it to other users!
This would be great if you manage to do so.
Appreciate that sir.


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I recommend to do pitool vr dashboard like virtual deskotp, it will easily launching the game.
Searching game in the pitool, eat resource too much, very slow.

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