Feature Request - Pitool Reshade Support (Or Equivalent, Primarily For Sharpening)

Okay, so as noticed by myself and several others. Sharpening filters make a huge difference to fidelity in VR. Equivalent to however much % super sampling (as noted down the page by Mirage. They work differently, both should still be used for the best effect). But it’s basically free performance wise, it’s like getting a graphics card upgrade! It’s a total no brainer to run it, and it is really low hanging fruit for improving image quality. Especially as VR is crying out for any kind of enhancement it can get.

The only problem is as it stands, it’s only possible in one or two engines/pieces of software.

So my feature request is this: can we develop Reshade postprocessing support (or equivalent) into Pitool or in the driver? Primarily for sharpening. But of course, we could then use all the other filters too.

This would be a great competitive edge over Index and Rift. And one that enthusiasts are already aware of/use quite extensively.

Pimax, I know you can be great at adding the smartest features to Pitool, like 120/144hz.

@SweViver @PimaxUSA @Alex.liu @PimaxQuorra @Konger @PimaxVR What do you guys think?


This is a great idea, and would certainly be an awesome feature unavailable on the other headsets. I could see it for brightness/contrast adjustments as well.

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Yeah. I think it would really help set the Pimax apart.

This is a really good idea if possible. I didn’t even think of Pimax doing this, I had NVIDIA in mind.

For the Pimax Vision 8kX, such a filter would be extremely helpful.

EDIT: However, I want to be clear about something. Sharpening filter has a different effect from supersampling. Ideally BOTH sharpening filter and high supersampling are used TOGETHER.


Thanks a lot for the comment Mirage. Yes, you are right. Both would defintely be best!

I will edit my original post for clarity.

I forgot to link to Reshade Open Source & generic postpostprocessing injector, in case anyone on the Pimax team hasn’t heard of it:

Nvidia recently added support for it baked in to Geforce Freestyle. But it doesn’t work in VR direct display mode.

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From the examples I know of, IL-2’s post processing sharpening filter (ingame function) is a must-have when flying the Simulator - it increases readability of instruments in the cockpit mannigfold. It costs around 5fps to enable it though.
If this could be introduced via Pitool and be optionally usable in any game, even the 5K+ and Artisan will have an edge over the competition (Index, Cosmos, you name it) in clarity.


I would like to place my vote 12 times for this! :joy:

Really, this would be brilliant. At this point the primary developer of ReShade has not expressed any interest in getting it to inject to HMDs, but that doesn’t me than it couldn’t be done through PiTool or some other method, and it might be a great tool to set Pimax apart from the competition. I’ve used Reshade for countless years to fix title after title, and I can already point to myriad ways I could have used it to fix (for example) Skyrim VR which has only two modes, either TAA On (unbearably out of focus), or no AA whatsoever (extreme aliasing, but at least it is sharp). I absolutely guarantee I could fix it in 5 minutes if Pimax figured out a way to get ReShade to work.

P.S. If you are thinking of implementing your own injection system, consider something that uses ReShade shaders so that we can extend functionality. For example, a “trick” I’ve used to great effect in later Bethesda titles that don’t support decent AA is to use a lot of post-process AA and sharpening as well. It sounds like nonsense, but it actually works quite well and has and incredibly small performance impact. So just a sharpening filter may not be enough, you really need, at a minimum, a couple different types of AA and sharpening.


@PimaxQuorra what do Pimax think to adding this to your list of future improvements? Can you take it to the team?


Hello Fitzy,

Will forward this to the team. It was a great thoughts!
Appreciate that mate!



Yes, this idea has huge potential. Vorpx had a nice sharpening filter and i really liked it, same can be done in pimax driver after or before warping - of course, optionally :slight_smile:

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Well, has Pimax given this request any further thought?

We would be able to achieve some impressive results well beyond the current Brightness/Color adjustments.

Is it too hard to implement or perhaps there is concern about getting whitelisted for competitive titles?

It is a slippery slope.

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I’m hoping it’s one of the things they are working on for future Pitool versions.

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