[Feature Request] Remap one of the three physical buttons to selction

As I had previously posted as a feature request for PE, it would be fantastic if a future iteration of PiTool would allow for the selection of elements within VR via gaze and confirmation by pressing one of the three physical buttons on the HMD.

All SteamVR HMDs safe for Pimax offer this functionality, it’s super easy to implement as the HMD based pointer is already integrated into VR and it helps players not using motion controllers a lot.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA please do consider this.



Added Alex.liu as this is the fellow you need to ping on Pitool related.


I requested this a while back, thought they were implementing it, but it was “mouse pointer” literally for the Pimax Experience using an actual mouse. Hopefully they do this since I hate turning on my controller to just click a button or two.


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