FeelThree - The Virtual Reality Motion Simulator



Looks like a nice simulation rig for Elite Dangerous. Most rigs are steady on the ground. Looks awesome, but still a bit design phase item. Not a real product that can do it. Just a nice gif.

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At 1st I was thinking to get one of this, but than I realized that it would take away a lot of space in my apartment. You need to have a dedicate game room or space in the apartment because it can’t be taken apart . So unfortunately it was not for me.

I think this will be modular so it will be possible to later add more dof (degrade of freedom) passing the 3dof that I think it offers as standard.

I see this as a more comfortable and high end solution than the yaw


Guys, the FeelThree Kickstarter campaign is afoot !

Check it out ! I‘m backer no.3 :relieved:


It’s not for me either with the same reasons plus looks like you have to disassemble wheel & mount hotas and cant have it all together mounted. Also it’s not simulating car suspension like other 3dof platforms. But for Elite and flight sims looks ok.

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£1500 start price not to shabby

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all the early birds are gone £1999 now ,ready player one anyone :grin:


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I love all these vr and cool gadgets and I wish I could try them all. I was a supporter of it thinking I would have taken part to the kickstarter but I had to be realistic that I would have not had space for it and I could not have stored it away :frowning:

Wonder how the feeling of pitch, roll and yaw will compare to the 401 CR, which is much more expensive.

A small teaser on the use with Elite… :wink:


…and another one with Elite :relaxed:


It is recommended to get the 6-motor configuration if you want to feel the gears „kick in“ more. But obviously a rig dedicated only to racing will likely be better for that use case than an allrounder like this one. Because I love to play flight, space & racing sims this one ticks all the boxes for me. The room it will occupy is indeed a challenge but I decided to sacrifice a chunk of my roomscale space in favour of this beast. When I play roomscale, I usually use free locomotion these days and stay in the center area of the roomscale space anyhow, it will only be a factor with escape room games which really put you in a small room with no locomotion - but I will play those much much less than Elite, DCS or Project Cars 2…


Some racing impressions:

(okay, he’s not exactly Ayrton Senna… :joy:)

My question about these rotating platforms is why they do not rotate following the track/curves and direction that the car is having on the track?

Tilting backwards when giving thrust.
Tilting forward when breaking.

Also taking into account for centrifugal force, so sometimes it looks like left (or right), but feels as if you are upending on the right side (or leftside) of the car.

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Well explained. And while for a motorcycle you would choose to use the roll axis for the orientation of the driver, i.e. leaning into the bend, with a car you will do the opposite to combine two effects:

first of all, if you go around a bend with a car at high speed, the car will tilt a little bit towards the other side (with a formula one car will be less noticeable than with a softer suspension road car), and secondly you want to add the sensation of the centrifugal force pulling you towards the straight continuation of your current trajectory in the moment, while the car is continuously changing its direction in a bend.

This can be best simulated by tilting (rolling) you a bit into the opposite direction of the bend, because the g-force you feel while sitting lop-sided will simulate the centrifugal pull to the outside.

This is why the amount of roll may seem exaggerated at first glance when watching the video. It all comes down to what one considers to give a “realistic” feel, and it surely will be adjustable, so I can tinker with it until it gives me the right sensation.

I am really curious to find out how good this rig is and I am quite excited to have this baby at home next spring, but it is a Kickstarter, so while this is scheduled for delivery in April 2019 it may turn out to not be coming in April; or 2019…
We shall see… :smirk:

Bit it does not turn in the direction of the track following geographically points like north, south , east , west

I wish I would have had the space. :frowning:

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Since this is for VR, it’s more about fooling your brain’s directional, vestibular and sensory system than to accurately represent the compass directions. Remember, the brain uses 90% (!) visual cues, and 10% from the vestibular system to determine which direction or tilt is being experienced. As such, the visual is driving the experience and the vestibular system works as a sort of “confirmation” of what your eyes are seeing. Another thing is that it’s tethered, so it can only rotate about 5x 360 degrees in one direction… so it would be a poor use of its rotation to accurately rotate in each of the directions. I’ve asked the creator, and there will be a imperceptible “float” back to neutral zero so that when you go in a single direction the FeelThree will work to unwind the cable wind.
I asked if not this can be done away with using wireless systems. But the thing that the 4x100watt transducers (buttkickers) in the seat need all that power, so you will need the wire regardless. I just hope there will be a way to smartly protect the cable from friction-based wear and tear.

My current keyboard is the second one in a row (different manufacturers) where the cable is the first thing that breaks down. And I haven’t even held it in any particularly awkward positions.