FFR problem on Dirt Rally 2

FFR works on this game and give a nice 20% increase in performance , but there is a problem, everything is fine on right eye, but FFR on left eye looks weird, like it takes up half of the screen.

i dont know if the fix is on pimax or codemasters side, but whould be great to have it working correctly.


I Don’t know off hand if DR2 is supported or not. You could try the OpenFSR mod as it may have better overall results

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FFR in DR2.0 did work properly in the past but not anymore for some reason. Luckily since OpenFSR became a thing, that works much better in my experience making FFR redundant for this title (keep reading as to why). From my testing FFR does not always improve framerate in DR2.0 (USA stage being one example as it becomes more CPU intensive rather than GPU in certain parts, especially with FFR enabled). On heavily GPU limited stages with low stage detail, low objects and low crowd FFR does boost framerate a little but overall its not a big win.

TLDR: Dont use FFR in DR2, use OpenFSR & 4x MSAA instead.

For reference my pc spec is 3090FE, 5900x & 3600mhz 32gb ram


Thanks, im already using FSR too.

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