Fiber cabel compatible with 8k plus?

Is the 6M Fiber Optical cable compatible with 8k plus?

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The Fiber optic cable as released at present is 8kX and maybe the 5kSuper as these headsets do not use a 12v wall adapter for power.

  • This cable is just available for the Pimax headset which is USB powered supply:8KX,5K Super, part of 8K PLUS/Artisan.
  • If your headset is powered by a power adapter, it is not suitable.

Could you give me some more details about this part of your answer? This part of the product description it’s the reason why I ask in this forum.

At this time we only have 2 models that use this method for power, the 8KX and 5K Super so only 2 models that can use the fiber optic cable. Update: Some original headsets began to ship a bit early with the updated 8KX electrical design.

For all original headsets produced before 2021 you can extend your cable using previously documented methods. Extender etc.

This is what they have in the Store site.I have the 8k x and works flawlessly,

Hi dhub,

This cable is just available for Pimax headset which is USB powered supply:8KX,5K Super,part of 8K PLUS/Artisan.

part of 8K PLUS.


so this cable will work with my 8k plus as it is USB power supplied, correct?